Fab Fashion Spread: Sex and the City Goes Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson

One of the reasons women love Sex and the City so much is the delicious, breath taking, and bold displays of fashion from our favorite New York gals: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. Sure we love the dramatics of their pursuits in love and even becoming mothers, but we wouldn’t be honest if we didn’t say that we especially enjoy their shoe shopping adventures just as much as we love the drama. It’s such a guilty pleasure that keeps fans all over the world anticipating the next installment in the film series since we said goodbye to our favorite gal pals 5 years ago. With the changes in their lives such as husbands and babies, the fashion has not only evolved with each character, but made such an impact in fashion, that all four girls are now fashion icons in their own right. Carrie Bradshaw might be the biggest influence of the foursome, but each character’s own unique style not only makes the series addictive to watch, but also makes it extremely easy (and fabulous) for fans to identify with their favorites.

So what better way to celebrate the release of Sex and the City 2 than to have a fashion spread with beautiful black women putting their own spin on the cult phenom?

Here’s our take of Sex and the City, with a pretty fabulous twist that only Urban Belle could properly pull off.

First up, Charlotte York.

Charlotte York is the most conservative of the quartet. A huge believer in perfection, she always seeks to make perfect in her life and in her fashion. She is ultra feminine, and usually goes for pastel colors such as pinks and purples, but doesn’t shy away from more daring colors such as reds and blues.

She is particularly fond of romantic accents such as ruffles and bows, and shows off her curvy figure in such a classic style that emulates Charlotte’s continuous quest for perfection.

Our model Lisa embodies Charlotte’s ultra feminine and conservative style in a metallic cocktail dress designed by London Times. The ruffled collar adds the perfect touch of romance, while a string of pearls and studs keeps the look chic, yet simple.

Miranda Hobbes

Known as the no nonsense career woman of the group, Miranda’s style has evolved more than any of the other characters. At the beginning of the series, she was easily the worst dressed character. She mainly stuck to boring pants suits and never seemed to quite fit in with her fashionable girlfriends.

By the last season of the show, Miranda had become just as much of a fashion powerhouse as the other three. She loves prints, darker shades such as browns and deep blues, and keeps her accessories sophisticated.

Our model Chitara captures Miranda’s style in a leopard print cocktail dress designed by Candie’s. To add a little more sizzle to the outfit, the look was completed with bronze toned New York Transit gladiator sandal stilettos. Since Miranda is also a lover of dramatic earrings, these Candies statement earrings completed the look.

Samantha Jones

Easily the most outrageous of the group personality wise, Samantha Jones’ wardrobe always reflects her outgoing persona. She is the oldest of the group of girlfriends, but that does not keep her from wearing some of the boldest pieces. She is all about bold colors such as bright reds, yellows, and metallics; and she only wears jewelry that makes a pretty bold statement.

With Samantha Jones, fashion is meant to make you stand out in a room full of strangers. A little skin doesn’t hurt either, as Samantha loves to wear pieces that show off her great figure. You’ll usually see Samantha in pencil skirts, sexy fitting tailored skirt suits, and glamorous cocktail dresses on a night on the town with the girls.

Our model Taren is wearing a cocktail dress designed by Banana USA. Limelight gladiator stilettos created the sassy look that makes Samantha one of the most fashionable of the foursome. Since Samantha is all about statement pieces, a statement necklace and a Daisy Fuentes cocktail ring added the perfect touch.

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw has become one of the biggest fashion icons to ever step foot in the hearts of women everywhere. When it comes to fashion, Carrie knows no limits; and we love her for that. She is known for mixing and matching vintage pieces from some of the most respected fashion designers. Simply put, Bradshaw can make anything look fabulous. Who else could wear a bird on the side of their head and make it seem so chic?

She is bold and frankly fearless when she steps out of her cozy one bedroom apartment throughout the series. It’s all about the drama for Carrie, and she has no problems committing the fashion no no’s and making it look damn good. She’ll mix patterns, wear outlandish hats and accessories, and make a tutu the hottest piece of the season just because she believes that fashion has no rules. Shoes are everything to this New York gal, but so is originality. She puts her own spin to every piece she owns.

Model Traci is seen here wearing a two toned cocktail dress designed by high-end designer Zac Posen. Since Carrie is all about adding her own touch to all of her fashion pieces, a floral statement necklace designed by Candie’s and vintage New York And Company clutch add flair to the look. Studded gladiator sandals designed by Chinese Laundry created the sass we all love Carrie Bradshaw for.


Label Love:
Zac Posen, Londen Times, Candie’s, Chinese Laundry, Banana USA, Limelight, New York And Company, New York Transit, Daisy Fuentes.

Photographer Love: Mitch Webson

Creative Geniuses: Amanda Anderson (Editor-in-Chief), Treasure White (Creative Director)


  1. Oh my God I love this ladies! I have to say, Carrie is my favorite in this spread. That Zac Posen dress is to die for. I really appreciate you guys putting a fashion spread together with a Sex And The City theme using 4 beautiful black women of all shapes and shades. Smart way to make black women relate to a series based on the friendships of four white women.Great work and I just love this magazine!

  2. I am more of a Charlotte girl. Carrie's style is a little too out there for me, but the model Tracie looks great in this spread. You guys did a great job styling them.I just love Charlotte's dress, I will have to get on London Times.

  3. I really love this spread. I'm a big Sex And The City fanatic, and I can appreciate seeing 4 beautiful sisters come together and emulate each character's style. I have never seen any other urban magazine pull this off or even think to do this, so I give you guys major props.I look forward to your future fashion spreads.

  4. I really love this. You guys did an awesome job, and Charlotte's dress is actually my favorite. I am actually a lover of London Times. This was very creative.

  5. Now this is urban fashion I can appreciate. I absolutely love this! I looked at Samantha immediately, and just had to smile. All of these models matched their respective characters wonderfully. Carrie and Charlotte are my favorite two style wise, but I dress like Samantha when I go out with my girlfriends. Congrats on such a lovely fashion spread ladies. I can't wait to see the upcoming spreads.

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