Praise God For The Second Chances

Even when we don’t deserve them, God gives us second chances

By: Taren Vaughan

As human beings, we continuously do things that we know we have no business doing. We behave this way for self pleasure or to please those we are involved with.

No matter how many times we do things that are not pleasing in His sight, God still offers us chance after chance to fix things. This is not to say that we are not punished for our misdoings because we are. But God still gives us the opportunity to repent and start over with a clean heart, mind and spirit.

It is a true blessing that God is not an unforgiving God. What if God had the same views on giving people multiple chances as some of us do? We as sinners would never get a chance to redeem ourselves, no matter how bad we wanted to. The understanding spirit of the Lord is something that we all should be very thankful for.

God gives us chances over and over again because He wants us to better ourselves. God wants to see all of His children make it back to Heaven. Even though God provides us with chances to do the right thing, it is ultimately up to us as to whether or not we are willing to make the turn around. Second chances from God should not be taken advantage of. We should all use them wisely.

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