Who Are They Wearing: Ciara’s Boots at the Premiere of ‘The Karate Kid’

By: Amanda Anderson

I always love when I get questions on what the celebs are rocking at the latest premieres and award shows. So recently, I received a request about singer Ciara’s shoes at The Karate Kid premiere. Since fashion is what I live, I have no problem digging around to let you know who your fave celebs are wearing. Here’s what I found in my inbox:

“Ciara has really stepped her fashion game up! A couple of days ago, I saw a few pictures of her attending the premiere of The Karate Kid. She was cute and laid back, but her shoes were the business! LOL! I can’t find out who designed her shoes. Can you find out for me?”- Nicole S.

Here’s the picture she was referring to…

So who is Ciara wearing?

Chanel. Ciara is rocking open toe Chanel lace up boots. These beauties made her casual outfit pretty fierce, didn’t they? I agree with Nicole, Ciara is maturing just like her music. The girl truly has a fabulous set of legs, doesn’t she?

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