God Can Change The Storm, You Can Change Your Mindset

You can’t stop the storm, but you can change your mindset

By: Taren Vaughan

Storms come in all of our lives at some point or another. Sometimes, they can be very predictable, giving us enough warning to prepare ourselves for them. Other times, they come into our lives with no warning at all, catching us completely off guard. Some of these storms can be very powerful or they can be just a mere shower in our lives. All of them are ultimately controlled by God. He has the power to change the intensity of the storm. He has the power to make the storm settle and pass. We don’t have the power to put an end to the stormy weather that we face in our lives. But we do have the power to change our mindset.

Maintaining a positive attitude will help you get through any hard time that you are enduring. Having a true understanding of why God is taking you through your storm will allow you to keep the faith through it all for you know that you are not going through these hard times for no reason. There is a purpose behind every storm. God will not place a storm upon you without a true meaning behind it. And because He loves us so, He will not leave us in a storm forever. The clouds will soon clear and we will see the sun again.

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