Kissing According to the Genders

New study reveals what each gender really thinks about kissing.

By: Amanda Anderson

I will admit it, I’m a kisser, and I have been one for many years. I prefer kissing over holding hands and I judge a man based off his kiss more than the clothes he wears. I even use the physical interaction to determine if he is relationship worthy. Maybe I should feel a little superficial, being that I am well aware that there are so many other factors a young woman must consider in this crazy thing called dating. On the contrary, I’ve always believed that if a grown man can’t manage to become a decent kisser, he probably hasn’t managed to make the transition to a decent boyfriend either. Am I crazy? No, I’m just not a fan of any man that thinks it’s okay to leave a bucket load of spit on my face because he heard that jamming his tongue all the way down my throat or licking all over my face like a wild animal is exactly what I wanted. Oh joy.

And believe it or not, I’m not a special case. Most women use kissing as a way to size a man up, and see who he really is. We can tell in a man’s kiss what’s he after and rather we even want him to stick around or just make a couple of guest appearances while we search for the real catch. Is it wrong? No, it’s just DNA.

In our pursuits of love and genuine romance, nothing is more telling than a kiss. Rather it’s messy, juicy, sweet or innocent; there is no doubt that both genders perceive kissing differently. Although men and women both get different perceptions from the act of passion, ironically, it is these divergences that make the variations between men and women hard to ignore.

Studies indicate that not only are the differences between the genders’ perception of kissing extraordinary, but the findings also make it clear why both genders find difficulty in finding a level of understanding when it comes to love and relationships.

According to the research, men are more willing to have sex without kissing. When involved in committed relationships, men tend to use kissing as a means to end conflicts with their partners.

And unlike women, men like those wet, nasty, and messy kisses that we try to avoid at all costs. That’s right ladies, your significant other would rather pile you down with those open-mouth, saliva-exchanging, throat probing, and disgustingly wet kisses you have worked so hard to wean him off of. And unlike we originally believed, it’s not because they are gross idiots, it’s because their sense of taste and smell is less acute compared to ours, so they just need a lot more to scope out compatibility.

Size matters. When it comes to lips, men like them big. Women with larger lips are more attractive to men because luscious lips signal arousal and openness. It’s no coincidence that every woman in Hollywood is scrambling to get her lips plumped, and craving the next injection of botox.

Men also use kissing to bring the sexual beast out of their ladies. Men will use gentle kissing to induce sexual desire in their partners and keep the peace in their relationships. Men will also use sensual kisses on the neck to inspire passion in a woman.

Women have a totally different perception on kissing. It involves bonding, compatibility, and dare I say it…romance.

Most women will not have sex without kissing. Simply put, no passion, no action.

As I mentioned earlier, women tend to use kissing to measure up what kind of man we are really spending all of our time with. And when involved in relationships, women use kissing as a barometer to tell how happy a couple truly is. With a simple kiss, we can tell when we are in a relationship of bliss and when we’re headed for doom.

Closed mouth kisses are a favorite with women, as it better helps a woman measure the compatibility between she and a potential mate. Since women have an acute sense of taste and smell, we don’t need big and wet kisses to distinguish compatibility. Women bond with their partners through kissing, but tend to not favor kissing as a form of reconciliation.

When it comes to size, women prefer medium lips. Small lips lack the excitement, and large lips are viewed as a feminine feature, as well as a lack of dominance.

Kissing is something women use to determine how far they will go with a man, while men will use it to get further with a woman. If a woman doesn’t require kissing during sex, a man won’t feel the need to pursue it. But if there are real feelings involved, it is unlikely a man will refrain from kissing a woman during intercourse. Even men feel the need to connect to a woman they honestly have feelings for.

So if you are really into a man, and he hasn’t managed to lean in and go for it yet, he probably doesn’t see a relationship in the future with you. And if that’s the case, I suggest you don’t waste your time. Every woman deserves a man that’s willing to kiss her the way she wants and give her a lifetime full of passion.

Not sure of where you’re headed with him? Close your eyes and pucker up. It’s all in the kiss.

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