The Avocado Hair Conditioner Treatment: Your Latest Solution to Healthy, Natural Hair

How to use the avocado hair conditioner treatment to get the most out of your natural hair.

By: Tiffany M. Jones

Most natural belles understand that the key to having healthy unprocessed hair is having good conditioners and moisturizers. Knowing how to manage and maintain dry and brittle tresses can be a tough feat, especially with the array of products available that can be a hit or miss in terms of success and very costly as well. However, there is one possible solution available — one that can deeply treat and moisturize damaged hair and do so with hardly any out-of-pocket expenses and with all natural ingredients. Can you ask for anything more?

This avocado-based hair treatment and conditioner can be used and introduced as part of a regimen to restore even the most unmanageable coils; increasing strength and moisture as well as help to define a curl pattern. The ingredients are few and the steps are simple. If used and followed on a monthly to bi-weekly basis, you will see some great results in a short period of time. Enjoy and pass it along to other natural belles.


* 1 small avocado
* Olive Oil
* Coconut Oil
* Blender


1. First pit and remove the skin of the avocado. Add it to the blender.
2. Melt approximately 2 tablespoons to ½ a cup of coconut oil and add to the blender.
3. Add some olive oil to the mix. The total amount of oils used should just be enough to coat the avocado. (Note: you may have to vary the amounts depending on its size).
4. Blend well until the mixture is smooth and even. You want the consistency of a creamy conditioner.
5. Wet your hair and then smooth on the conditioner mixture to your hair. Make sure all of your hair, from root to tip, is covered completely.
6. Cover your hair in a shower cap and leave the mixture in overnight. (Note: you may have to cover your head or pillow with an additional towel, as the oils may separate and run through the cap.
7. In the morning, rinse with warm water and wash as usual. Make sure you wash the hair complete, removing any remains of the mixture. Do not skip your usual conditioning and detangling process.

From the moment of rinsing, your strands should feel softer and more moisturized than ever before. With this regimen, you will notice that the detangling process will be much easier to handle and you should endure less breakage over time. Also, if you are like many natural girls who suffer from extreme shrinkage, this conditioner treatment can also help define more length as well. No matter what you are looking to accomplish, hopefully this can be your solution to healthy natural hair. Enjoy and pass it along!

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