Sisters On Top: Unemployment Rate For Black Women Decreases

African American Women are finding jobs more than any other group

By: Taren Vaughan

In this day and age, the number of female entrepreneurs has grown tremendously. We are always coming up with innovate business ideas that make us thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars. With the current condition of the economy, you often wonder how people are maintaining jobs period, let alone keeping self owned businesses up and running. Be that as it may, there are some groups of women that are doing better than others when it comes to their businesses and general employment.

Despite what many may think, African American women have been able to find jobs at better rates than women of other races. During the month of May, the unemployment rate for black women dropped from 13.7 percent in April to 12.7 percent. Looking at the numbers, it may not seem like a huge difference. But with the way Americans are losing jobs left and right, any drop in unemployment rates is positive.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, black women are the highest performing demographic during the nation’s unemployment situation for both race and gender categories. Now let’s think beyond the statistics for a minute. What are some of the obvious reasons why sisters are continuing to find work when everyone else seems to be struggling?

Well for one, many of us have one main job and a few other gigs on the side. How many times have you met a black woman who works a 9 to 5 and does hair in her house on the side? Or cooks, decorates or designs for special occasions or major events? It’s rare that black women depend on just one job for income. It’s generally not our style. We like to take on multiple projects and are always willing to learn how to do new things that could potentially lead to a new career. For some black women out there, having one job is not an option, especially if they are single parents.

Although the unemployment rate for African American women continues to decline, we still must be mindful that it can change at any moment. So it is vital that we keep ourselves informed about different job opportunities in our fields. And also to make sure we keep an open mind when it comes to new business opportunities. The status of our economy will improve with time. But you never know when we will face this same unemployment issue again so it’s best that we be prepared for anything.

Source: NewsOne

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