Astrology: Your Weekly Horoscope (6/21-6/27)

Your weekly horoscope.

By: Amanda Anderson

For the Gemini, this will be a week of observation and careful detail to your emotions. While you may be all about the logic for the majority of the week, you will find yourself getting along with people you hardly know a lot better than usual around Wednesday and Thursday. This is the perfect time to use your chemistry and charm to excel at your career and even pursue a love interest that you have had your eye on lately.

Friday your social life won’t be as smooth, but expect to end the week with a great conversation that will put everything back into perspective.

Famous Geminis: Lenny Kravitz, Pam Grier, Prince, Venus Williams

This week, every little decision for the Cancer will become a complex one, no matter how small it may be. By the middle of the week, you will find yourself unsure and concerned about the bigger issues in your life. Your worry will make this a weekend of retreat, and you will find much comfort in staying at home and finding something relaxing to get into. What better way to release the stress you’ve had the majority of the week?

You’ll be in a very thoughtful mood throughout the weekend, so tell your girlfriends and the bf that they can have you all to themselves next week.

Famous Cancers: 50 Cent, Bill Cosby, Nelson Mandela, Montel Williams

For the lioness, this week will be all about the power. You will get a rush from challenging authority this week, but it could cause some major damage to your professional life if you’re not careful. Keep that ego in check, and you’ll be able to spot a petty situation when you see it.

By realizing that some battles aren’t really worth fighting, you will end up in a pretty happy place for the rest of the week. Someone close to you may even have to check you, but a little dose of self-reflection is needed every now and again for the Queen of the Jungle. With this surge of happiness and balanced power, you’ll be surrounded by nothing but goodwill. Bask in it.

Famous Leos: Barack Obama, Halle Berry, Magic Johnson, Angela Bassett

You will start your week off in a very curious state. This week, your analytical powers will be stronger than ever, and you may even find yourself extremely restless. But use your restlessness for the greater good and communicate your thoughts to the ones that you think about the most. Your honesty will be needed by a close friend, and you may even be able to help them release the heavy load of stress they have been carrying.

Friday and Saturday will be the best days out the week for personal time. After a week of much thought and strong analytical abilities, Sunday will be a day of new beginnings. Prepare yourself mentally for the change approaching.

Famous Virgos: Dave Chappelle, Beyonce Knowles, Michael Jackson, Jada Pinkett Smith

Money will be on the Libra’s mind the entire week. While it may seem incredibly superficial, you’re actually thinking about money on a deeper level. You’re questioning your career choice and thinking heavily about the future. As you reflect, you’ll even find a healthy balance between material possessions and a giving heart.

By midweek, you will cool out on deep thought and feel like just hanging out with the girls. As Sunday approaches, you’ll stop focusing on the future and your mind will be fixated on thoughts of the past. You should be careful with obsessing over your past memories since they can leave you in a pretty dark place if you’re not careful. By Sunday, the future will win the battle, and you will find peace in the future’s prospects.

Famous Libras: Will Smith, Toni Braxton, Ray Charles, India Arie

Scorpio will have a week full of confidence and new energy that will leave you feeling like a brand new person. The new surge in swag will charm the pants off just about anyone you come across, and your confidence will cause you to have an open mind, as well as welcome new opportunities that seem promising.

But Scorpio should be careful with the new open mind, as you could be playing around with fire on Wednesday and Thursday. Your charm and love for the social scene could land you in a predicament in which you are asked to do things that you wouldn’t normally do–for very good reason. Remember who you really are at the core, and don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad situation. Friday will bring back the order to your life, and you’ll have a fabulous weekend of partying with your best girlfriends who know you best.

Famous Scorpios: Gabrielle Union, P Diddy, Whoopi Goldberg, Ahmad Rashad

You will start of the week wondering if you are where you need to be in your life. You’ll question past decisions and even ponder if you are even headed in the right direction. This phase won’t last very long because you will be reminded quickly as your social life kicks in by midweek.

Pay attention to the people you surround yourself with this week, as someone might share a business opportunity that you won’t be able to pass down.

Famous Sagittarians: Jay-Z, Tyra Banks, Jamie Foxx, Tina Turner

When it comes to making decisions, Capricorn will find that Monday and Tuesday will be the best days to make some pretty difficult choices. Your impeccable decision making skills will work hand in hand with the vast amount of information you were given. Although you are quite the decision maker, you will begin to panic a little after the plans go into effect later this week. Relax, and trust your gut more than you have ever needed to.

By the end of the week, it will be clear that you made the best decision. A weekend of celebration is in order for your new found success, so don’t forget to rely on your loved ones for a good time.

Famous Capicorns: Denzel Washington, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Aaliyah

You will start the week off slow, and it will pain you to move like a turtle. But slow is good since self-reflection is well overdo for Aquarius. Use this down time to get your mind in order, and to finally put the demon of procrastination back in its place. You have things to do.

Midweek your social life will come into effect, and you will spend much time with your loved ones. This is perfect for you as you have taken time earlier in the week to think about some pretty major things. You will find pleasure in sharing your thoughts with the people you trust. The end of the week will be major for your career, so make sure you wine down on Saturday and Sunday.

Famous Aquarians: Eartha Kitt, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey. Chris Rock

At the beginning of the week, Pisces will be tested in such a way that you might find a need to put someone in their place. Your friends will be around to keep you calm, and remind you to remain your level-headed self. It will hurt to see some people you thought were friends act in ways that aren’t very friendly. But as usual, your real friends will come through and keep your mind off the drama.

Don’t feel the need to have any regrets about letting some people go. The pain will past and you will be back to your bubbly self by the weekend. You may even get some clarity in your life’s purpose. Don’t be surprised if you discover that you are meant to live a life that involves helping others.

Famous Pisces: Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Spike Lee, Erykah Badu

You will start off the week feeling like the world is resting on your shoulders. This feeling of burden and failure will cause you to seek some alone time, and you’ll only recover from the pressure if you take the time to be a little honest with yourself. Sure, you have dreams and aspirations, but just because they aren’t happening as fast as you like, it doesn’t mean you’re no where near achieving them. Once you get yourself in order, you’ll realize you’re not too distant at all…you’re actually right on track.

By the end of the week, you’ll be ready to party once you remember that you’re the head chick in charge. If you hold on to that feeling, next week will be the week of some major accomplishments. Get your mind right.

Famous Arians: Mariah Carey, Eddie Murphy, Maya Angelou, Martin Lawrence

You’re an emotional roller coaster this week. The beginning of the week will bring about the moodiest in Taurus, so be sure not to bite someone’s head off and be forgiving of the bf for seeming ultra insensitive. It probably was just you. It will be a good idea to pass on any social events until the weekend kicks in.

If you can get through the Moody Monday and Tearful Tuesday, Saturday will be a wonderful day to enjoy a Summer evening with friends. Who knows…you might even hear some good news this weekend. Don’t be too busy to allow someone to surprise you with some news that could change your life.

Famous Taurans: Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Coretta Scott King

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