Men Speak: Real Men Are Easy to Please

Men say a man should be easy to please, unless he’s selfish.

By: Amanda Anderson

I consider myself to be a pretty lucky girl since I have a number of men in my life that I consider close friends. While I simply love to chat it up with my gal pals about our crazy and sometimes dramatic pursuits in love, I still appreciate wholeheartedly the honest insight my homeboys give me as well. Sure girlfriends are great, but if we sat down and talked to our guy friends about our relationships, we probably could have prevented a lot of heartbreaks and disappointments.

Every girl isn’t so lucky to have a close circle of penis equipped homies, so I thought I’d share some of the best things they ever said to me that ultimately changed my whole perspective of men and relationships.

Here’s the latest (and I’ll have to leave him nameless since he’s a close friend)…

He Said: “If you want a happy man, feed em, f-ck em and give him SOME space.”

I Said: “Well what about the men who cheat?”

He Replied: “Selfish.”

I meditated a little on the conversation, and of course I shared the tid bits with the remainder of my homeboy crew. They confirmed that the first statement does indeed summarize a man’s needs completely. In fact, they admit that men are fairly easy to please. They prefer peaceful relationships with women who can supply these basic but essential needs, and will remain satisfied as long as each continues to be met by their woman.

The thing that stuck out to me was the remark on selfishness. Apparently my gentlemen friends feel that if a man is getting those particular needs met, there really isn’t a logical reason to cheat. They believe any man that cheats when his woman is cooking, feeding and sexing him has to be a selfish bastard.

If that’s all it takes to please a man, why are there so many broken relationships? That’s easy. There are just some men out here that can’t be pleased. The thrill of dropping the panties of every woman they meet is greater than their current level of maturity. And ladies, sorry to say, but even your good loving and cooking won’t change that.

My homeboys suggest you stay clear from any man that’s too difficult to satisfy, since clearly he’s broken the “Man Law” which states Real Men are easy to please.

And who wants to date a man that can’t even adhere to the Man Laws?


  1. I do believe men are easier to please than women. We are very complex and full of emotions. So I am not surprised to see that quote. What did surprise me was the fact that a man admitted that it is selfish men who cheat. Kudos to them for keeping it 100.

  2. Interesting. I definitely agree that selfish men are the ones who cheat. I do think men should be honest with women if they aren't the commitment type. That way we don't have to waste our time.

  3. I love this! It is so great to hear what MEN think, instead of angry single women all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters, but women need to hear from MEN on why they are the way they are. We have to stop preaching to the choir if we want real love and successful relationships, because honestly women can't give too much advice on how to deal with men. We don't get them, so maybe we should try to ask them why they do the things they do instead of looking for women to make sense of it.I think the author gets that, and I hope to see more of this in this magazine.Thank you.

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