Sex Myths That Destroy Women’s Sex Lives

Contrary to popular and very ignorant belief, sex is not a man’s game. In 2010, fabulous women everywhere are taking charge of their sexuality and making responsible choices regarding their bodies. No longer do women envision sex as simply an act to please their man. In the new era of martinis, stiletto wearing bosses, and divas with higher degrees; women seek pleasure from their partners. And they make no apologies for it.

Although the independent sister coalition has made the message clear, even a woman’s movement can’t manage to erase all the ignorance from the masses.

Traces of ignorance can still be found in men and even sisters who still live in the 1950s when it comes to sex. To these poor and outdated souls, to think of a woman being knowledgeable of her own body is taboo, and they are responsible for the many sexual myths that can make your sex life…dry.

While you may consider yourself lucky, you may not have managed to steer clear of the ridiculous myths that have managed to put a damper on the sex lives of many women, and even cause them not to know their own bodies.

Here are some myths that must be buried immediately.

1. Women can’t have orgasms through sexual intercourse.

This particular myth must have been created by some selfish man that tried miserably to do the “impossible,” and failed miserably. Too ignorant to think that it was simply something he had not done right to please his woman, he ran back to all his homeboys and told them that it just could not be done. These homeboys took the myth back to their girlfriends, and now every woman in the world is expected to believe that the only pathway to a climax is through oral sex.

Lies…all lies I tell you.

Any woman can have an orgasm through sexual intercourse. It just takes a man that is not too arrogant…I mean ignorant…to take the time to learn her body.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, if they do, run. 9 times out of 10, if a man is too selfish to learn how to please a woman sexually, he’ll also be too selfish to please you in a relationship too.

2. If women are in love, they will kindly give oral sex without receiving it.

This mentality is the surest way to Splits-Ville. No woman appreciates or decides to stay with a selfish bastard of a partner. In the world of grown-ups, there are no free handouts gentlemen.

3. Women don’t like or need as much sex as men.

Can you think of a more ridiculous statement? Sex was not created just for men. It involves two people and both parties must get some satisfaction out of it.

And studies everywhere indicate that if a woman isn’t pleased sexually by her man, the relationship tends to get very ugly. The quickest way to lose a woman is not to please her.

Women are simply moodier than men, and it isn’t any different for our sexual appetite. Hormone levels can cause women to want more or less sex at different moments, and a woman’s sexual mood is more diverse than that of a man’s. But in no shape or form does that mean we don’t need or desire sex like men do.

4. Women just don’t like rough and fast sex.

Yes, we women are gentle creatures with feelings and emotions, and we require all those things in most cases before we get it on. It’s actually the romance that turns us on when it comes to men, but once we have gotten our romance fix, rough and fast isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It even increases our likelihood of reaching that good old climax.

5. Once you sleep with a woman a few times, you pretty much know what she likes sexually.

This gets so many men in trouble with women. Men tend to think they know a woman sexually after sleeping with her a few times, but the truth is women have different sexual moods. What may have worked last week may not work this week.

So to be on the safe side and not on the couch tonight, men need to be sure to communicate with their partners to make sure both are on the same page.

And ladies stop assuming he can read your mind sexually. Trust me, he can’t.

Sex can be a satisfying thing for a man and a woman. But it is always important to keep the communication at a focal point of your relationship. If both people feel comfortable enough to be open, there is a greater chance both will have a fulfilling sex life.

Now before you take this article as a stamp of approval to go run wild and personally dispel every myth, remember that the staff of Urban Belle believes in safe sex or no sex. Protect yourself if you choose to be sexually active because even great sex isn’t worth your life…now is it?

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