Treat Others The Way You Wish To Be Treated

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”
Matthew 7:12 (NIV)

By: Taren Vaughan

The way we treat people is very important. How you treat someone will most likely determine how that person will treat you in return and if you are nice to them, then they will be pleasant to you. If you are mean and hateful to a person, then you should expect the same foul treatment in return. Sometimes, we don’t think about our actions towards others. We are quick to dismiss another person’s feelings without even giving it a second thought. But then we turn around and look for someone to care about ours. It doesn’t work that way. According to God’s word, we should treat others as we would want them to treat us. It’s a “you get what you give” type of situation. If you want someone to treat you with respect, then you should do the same. A lot of us don’t realize the importance of how treat people. Either we don’t realize the things that we are doing or we simply don’t care. Which ever holds true, your treatment of someone will be a direct reflection of how that person will treat you.

So when we think about disrespecting someone, we should really take the time to remember this scripture. And always know that you will, in the majority of the situations that you are in, get back exactly what you dish out.

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