Your Weekly Horoscope (6/28-7/4)

Your weekly horoscope.

By: Amanda Anderson

When it comes to your relationship, you might feel like setting all the rules and giving out all the commands. But you’ll find that your partner responds better when you both act as a team, and they really just need you to listen more than you have been talking lately. You might feel the urge to make a big deal out of something really small, but be warned that picking fights will push your partner away further than you would like them to be. Relax, and stop approaching your relationship with so many doubts. They are unwarranted.

Midweek you will feel more in tune with your partner than you have been in quite a while. This is a perfect opportunity for a date night, and a little romance will do you both good. The end of the week could put a wrench in your renewed romance, but if you remain calm, you’ll get through it and refrain from making hasty decisions. Keep your emotions intact during the weekend, and you’ll end your week on a good note with your loved ones.

Famous Cancers: 50 Cent, Bill Cosby, Nelson Mandela, Montel Williams

You’re the boss, and you let everyone around you know it every chance you get. But this week may be the best time to sit it out, and let things work themselves out for a change. You’ll be hesitant to do this since you are the Queen of the Jungle, but even Queens need to take a break from the throne to keep their sanity. Now just because you take a backseat for a few days doesn’t mean you can’t develop a master plan. Midweek will be perfect for research and crafting some pretty exciting ideas. And while you’re on the backseat flow, you’ll notice that fate can be a pretty good driver at times without your help Lioness.

Famous Leos:
Barack Obama, Halle Berry, Magic Johnson, Angela Bassett

Feeling generous? Of course you are. When a close friend explains their stressful situation, you’ll find yourself crafting great ideas on how to make things less hectic for them. This is one of your greatest strengths, and you’ll find that you prefer being a helper than being a harsh critic who can come off as insensitive to others’ problems. But be careful when helping your buddies, because coming off too strong may make you seem like a hardened belle who rather play a bully than a superhero. Save the day instead of being the villain.

Famous Virgos: Dave Chappelle, Beyonce Knowles, Michael Jackson, Jada Pinkett Smith

You’re craving something new and you’ll get the change you need from unlikely sources. Last week was stressful, and the unknown is more appealing than it has ever been. Use this week to get to know people you’re never given a chance, and pick up a new hobby or interest that you have been pondering on for the last couple of months. Change is good and in your case, needed. Have fun this week, and get to know the unknown.

By Thursday, your romantic life will see a spark that it hasn’t seen in a while. You’ve been too stressed to think about love, and this week is your chance to get familiar with it again. Your weekend will be blissful, so don’t let stress make it’s way back into your life.

Famous Libras:
Will Smith, Toni Braxton, Ray Charles, India Arie

This is the week that change will make an appearance in your life. It may be tempting to have your usual unfazed and nonchalant attitude, but there’s no need to protect yourself. You need this. Tuesday will be a great day for romance, and it won’t fizzle down until Thursday. Conflict is possible on Friday, but you need to stay focused because a positive attitude will be needed for Saturday. Why you ask? A project you have been pondering on will finally become realistic, so take advantage of the opportunity coming your way. Remember that your social life will be your ticket to that dream you have been chasing, so play nice, and you’ll win big.

Famous Scorpios: Gabrielle Union, P Diddy, Whoopi Goldberg, Ahmad Rashad

You’re the master of networking. If you had to, you’d make connections in your sleep, easily. People feel comfortable around you, and they know you are about your business. While you have the gift of gab, it’s pointless if you don’t ever follow through with your plans. Don’t forget why you need these new relationships, and don’t feel obligated to jump on every opportunity presented to you. Some people would rather take your ideas for their own glory than build something solid with you. Be alert and you’ll recognize those people when they approach you.

Famous Sagittarians: Jay-Z, Tyra Banks, Jamie Foxx, Tina Turner

You are getting closer to where you want to be, but you also find yourself getting a little bored in the process. You’re not a big fan of routine when you have your eyes fixated on a dream. But stay focused, and don’t neglect your responsibilities while pursuing your dreams.

Tuesday will be the beginning of a boost in your creativity, and Thursday will be the perfect day to tackle those family issues that have been eating away at you. The weekend will bring adventure, so be open to all its possibilities. It could be that big break you have been waiting on,

Famous Capicorns: Denzel Washington, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Aaliyah

This week you will discover just how important you really are to the people you have encountered. Remain humble when someone shows you that you are their inspiration. This revelation will encourage you to remain inspiring the entire week, and your positivity will attract good energy that you will hold on to long enough to discover some great opportunities you never considered.

Famous Aquarians: Eartha Kitt, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey. Chris Rock

You are finally starting to feel the pressures of taking other people’s burdens.While it’s noble of you to try to save everyone you love from the pains of life, you’re not Superwoman. Their problems have become your problems, and now you may need to call on someone to get through the issues you’ve adopted from someone else. It’s time to focus on your own problems this week, and make sure you treat yourself for facing the problems that others couldn’t deal with. Sunday will be your best day to unwind with loved ones, and get your fix of the arts.

Famous Pisces: Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Spike Lee, Erykah Badu

You are making progress in accomplishing your dreams and success continues to follow you. The only problem is it isn’t happening fast enough for Aries. If you had one wish, you’d achieve all of your wildest dreams overnight, but it would lead you to the same place you are now, unsatisfied. Face it, chasing dreams is all you know how to do, and you enjoy the the chase just as much as the success. One without the other would put you in a bigger slump than you are now, so allow the possibilities to excite you and stay motivated.

Famous Arians: Mariah Carey, Eddie Murphy, Maya Angelou, Martin Lawrence

You will be tempted to question everyone’s behavior around you at the beginning of the week, but remember that every little thing does not need to be analyzed. Sometimes you just have to take things as they are and allow people to be human. By passing up an opportunity to be dramatic, you will be able to maintain your sanity throughout the week. Let the peace rollover into the weekend, and you’ll have one of the best weekends you’ve had in a while.

Famous Taurans: Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Coretta Scott King

You will need to have an open mind this week, as many ideas will present themselves to you. And these aren’t the type of ideas you should pass down, so be sure to consider them and how they can impact your future. You are not miserable in your current situation, but a little change could make things better in your life. You’re happier when you lead, so be sure to consider the ideas that will put you back in charge.

Famous Geminis: Lenny Kravitz, Pam Grier, Prince, Venus Williams

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