Books For Belles: “The Last One” By: LaQuarn Michaels

By: Taren Vaughan

Author LaQuarn Michaels’ “The Last One” is by far one of the most drama filled, intense novels that I have read in awhile. Taking place on the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY, the main character, Isis Dobbs goes through things that most 21 year old women only see on cable TV. Her life was full of ups and downs that would have even drove a grown man to tears. Isis was a ruthless chick with a sassy attitude to match who was always down for whatever. Like many hustlers out there, Isis’ hardcore demeanor and often nonchalant approach to things left her in some rough situations that ultimately ruined her life. Readers may find the main character in this book interesting because she is a female. With the kind of predicaments that Isis found herself in, most of us would automatically assume that she was actually a “he” instead, seeing as though men are usually the hardcore ones in suspenseful dramas involving hustling, gang banging or drug dealing. But Michaels steers her readers into a different direction with Isis, a true to heart “Bad Girl”.

Although the book may not have been based on a true story, the situations that it highlighted are definitely things that we ourselves or people close to us have endured, which adds a heavy dose of realism to “The Last One”. From abusive ex-boyfriends to dead beat baby fathers, “The Last One” captured almost every unfavorable situation that a woman could find herself in. If you are one for fairy tale endings, this is definitely not that kind of book. The book did have its humorous parts to it, but for the most part, it was pretty intense. No matter what one’s normal book preference is, I guarantee that you will be intrigued, as each characters’ story becomes more complex with the turn of each page.

LaQuarn Michaels’ style of writing is very descriptive from beginning to end. In this novel, she allows her readers to really feel as though they are standing right there on the streets of Brooklyn, watching it all take place before their eyes. Michaels may be a new author to the writing scene, but in due time, I foresee her becoming a household name.

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