Michael Vick Claims His Innocence In Shooting Incident

By: Taren Vaughan

Michael Vick just can’t seem to dodge troublesome situations. First it was the dog fighting incident that still has some people outraged. Now, he has been linked to a shooting that occurred during a birthday celebration. Although no suspects have been officially named, Vick made it a point to assure everyone that he was not involved with the shooting:

“On June 25, 2010 I attended a birthday party held in my honor at the Guadalajara’s Restaurant in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After I left the event, I learned that a man was shot outside the restaurant. I want to assure everyone that I had nothing to do with that incident. I left the restaurant prior to it occurring and did not witness what happened.”

Granted, this did all take place at a restaurant and not at his house so no one can point fingers at him just yet. But we all know that doesn’t mean much at all to those who are still fuming about the star quarterback’s involvement in past situations. Michael Vick seems to still be surrounding himself with individuals that aren’t always on their best behavior. Considering the fact that his image is not squeaky clean, he might want to be extra careful about the company that he keeps nowadays.

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