Crack In A Can: The Dangers Behind Energy Drinks

Too much of these powerful boosters can be very hazardous to your health..

By: Taren Vaughan

Energy drinks have become one of the most popular beverages on the market. Although they come in small packages, these drinks pack a powerful punch. They are consumed by people of all ages and genders. Athletes and individuals who are always on the go use energy drinks to keep them alert throughout the day. The problem is that people can become too dependent on these beverages which can lead to major side effects.

So what are the dangers behind energy drinks?

For one, they contain excessive amounts of sugar that would have even the calmest person bouncing off the walls. The sugar that’s found in these drinks is almost equivalent to that of a regular soda or fruit punch. Intaking too much sugar can lead to serious health problems like diabetes. Aside from its sugary component, energy drinks also contain caffeine. Because caffeine is a stimulant, it gives people that extra kick they are looking for. The only downside to this is that once you come off that caffeine high, prepare to come crashing down. The buzz that you get from any caffeine based drink will only last a short time. Then you are back to square one, being extremely tired and left with less energy than you started with.

The most dangerous thing about consuming energy drinks in large amounts is that an addiction could develop. It can start out with a drink here and there. But it can lead to a person developing a dependence on them. Believe it or not, someone can become hooked fairly quickly. To top it all off, some creative mind has discovered another use for these drinks; making them more “fun-filled”. Bartenders across the nation have begun to concoct mixed beverages that include energy drinks and alcohol. Ever had a Jager Bomb? That’s nothing but good ole Red Bull drenched in alcohol. When energy drinks become apart of leisure activities, this could be a problem waiting to happen.

There is nothing wrong with having an energy drink every now and then. If you have to pull an all-nighter, studying for an exam, then cracking open an energy drink to get you through the night is not too harmful. But it shouldn’t become your main beverage of choice especially for someone who already has multiple health problems. They are also not the best choice for those who engage in a lot of physical activity. It could lead to a person becoming extremely dehydrated, causing the body to become fatigued. So before you down a Full Throttle, try a bottle of Gatorade, or better yet, a cold glass of water. Taking a multi-vitamin and getting a good night’s sleep may do the trick as well. Energy drinks should be a last resort if you’re looking to gain more energy to get you through those long days. But if you must have one, be sure to drink them in extreme moderation.

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