Get the Look: Keri Hilson at the 2010 BET Awards

By: Amanda Anderson

Keri Hilson may not have been the big star of the night like Chris Brown was at the 2010 BET Awards, but her Red Carpet appearance was so legendary that the Decatur, Georgia native became a Trending Topic on Twitter throughout the entire show. And it’s for very good reason. The starlet looked absolutely stunning in a leopard print dress, her new blonde do, and a pair of legs to make just about any woman just a little bit jealous.

The look worked for Keri because not only does she have killer legs and an amazing figure, she also took one of the hottest fashion trends of the moment (leopard print) and made it her very own. And although you may not be an R&B star like Ms. Hilson, you too can rock the leopard print like no one’s business. You just need the right dress and just the right amount of motivation.

A Leopard Sheath dress from Speigel is perfect for those who want to show off their figures, and stylish enough for those who haven’t felt comfortable enough to get into the trend.

And this Leopard Print Silk Dress (also from Spiegel) is another great pick.

Both of these dresses will compliment your figure like Keri’s dress complimented hers on the red carpet. With any print, form fitting garments work better than lose fitting ones.

Get these dresses here.

You’ll also need the right shoes, and Keri was wise to go for a pair of fabulous sandals. These BCBG Paris Lin Booties would add the perfect touch to just about any Leopard Print dress.

Get them here.

To finish the look, you’ll need a black waist belt and a fabulous pair of hoops.

This look worked for Keri Hilson because it wasn’t too dressy or too casual, and it brought out some of the best in Keri’s physical features. The blonde hair brought out her gorgeous skin, the dress highlighted her great figure, and the shoes showcased her beautiful pair of legs.

Take a page out of Keri’s book of style and use the Leopard Print to show off your best physical traits.

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