Tidbits: Ciara Spends $11,000 on Shoes a Month and Her Album Cover is Released

Ciara’s designer shoe fetish costs her $11,000 a month.

By: Amanda Anderson

Every girl has some sort of addiction to great shoes, but how many of us can honestly say that we spend thousands of our hard earned dollars on shoes every month? For most of us, that just isn’t a reality. But for R&B singer Ciara, it’s a reality, and $11,000 worth.

Yes, Ciara admits that she spends $11,000 a month on designer shoes.

In a recent interview with Pride, the Atlanta native dished that her shoe obsession costs her thousands each month.

“When I go shopping, my most extravagant purchases are normally going to be shoes. I just love shoes and go for what’s hot. I like everything from Louboutin and Dr Martens to Versace and Fendi.

A person should always be able to afford extravagant shoes… It depends on the items, but, on an average shopping trip I probably spend a minimum of $1,200 (£790). It’s not that bad! On average, I will spend about $11,000 (£7,240) a month [on shoes].”

Even if I had millions like Ciara, I’m not sure I would drop $11,000 on shoes. Call me crazy, but I’d rather invest my money than spend so much of it on shoes that won’t last longer than a year. That’s just me though (and it’s her money), she’s still my girl.

In other news, the artwork for her upcoming album has been released. Peep it:



  1. The cover looks good, but Ciara might want to chill out on her spending. Her last album didn't do so well, and this one may not either. She should probably be a little smarter with her money.

  2. "A person should always be able to afford extravagant shoes."Yeah Ciara, great comment to make during a recession in which most people don't even have jobs and can't keep their homes. What a stupid comment to make.And shoes aren't assets, now are they?I want the old Ciara back.

  3. $11,000 on shoes?Ciara, are you sure you haven't gone Hollywood on us boo? Anyway, that Ride joint stays on repeat. Keep them coming Ciara.

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