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Men Speak: Hey Black Women, You Look Absolutely Ridiculous in Wigs!

Men get real about weaves and wigs.

By: Amanda Anderson

Wigs are a significant part of our culture, and women will spend thousands on wigs, weaves, and tracks every year to keep up their costly beauty regime. Lacefronts have become the new standard of urban beauty, as some of the biggest stars of Black Hollywood such as Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Trina, Nicki Minaj and many others; have initiated a movement in the beauty industry that has women everywhere spending their hard earned money to mimic the celebrity standard of beauty.

While we may feel like we look damn good, men have silently held in their disgust for our attachment to authentic hair pieces for years. We have made weave manufacturers a fortune with our addiction to false beauty, yet men don’t seem to find anything attractive about our obsession to wigs and weaves.

When I decided to ask a few men how they felt about wigs, I was shocked to learn that they find wigs and weave to be repulsive.

Here are some of the most interesting responses I received, and as usual, I will leave them nameless since they wouldn’t participate if I threw them under a bus:

“In my opinion, wigs make women look cheap. They look completely fake and there is nothing genuine about them. I don’t like wigs because they take away from the true beauty of the person wearing the wig.”

“I’m sorry, I love black women, but ya’ll look absolutely ridiculous in wigs. I mean, black women don’t even have that type of hair naturally! Even if you have a relaxer, your hair is not going to look like a white woman’s hair. To me, it doesn’t even take all of that to be beautiful. What’s wrong with wearing your own hair? I mean, do you hate your own hair that much that you’d rather wear some other woman’s hair instead? It looks cheap and it looks ridiculous. I love a woman who has enough confidence to be herself and wear her own hair. And that’s the type of woman I will date. Sorry, I can’t deal with lacefronts. I don’t care how gorgeous a woman is. I like my women natural.”

“I don’t like wigs, weaves, tracks, or any of that stuff really. I want to see your hair, I mean you get to see mine. Just don’t make it an everyday thing.”

“Wigs are fine if you’re going out, but they have to come off when you are intimate. And it’s nothing less attractive than watching a woman pull her wig off. I mean, she doesn’t even look the same without having the wig on.”

“Women look stupid in wigs. You can always tell when they have a wig on, and it is a huge turn off for me. If I can feel your tracks when I rub my fingers through your hair, I am completely turned off.”

“The truth is women overdo it with all of these wigs, weaves, and make-up. I don’t know if they do it for us, but honestly, we don’t even like all that stuff. We like our women natural-no weaves, wigs and little to no make-up. Yeah, we like to see you sexy in a dress and heels from time to time, but there’s nothing sexier than a woman in sweats and no make-up. And that’s how we feel about wigs and weaves. Just be yourself because we’ll be more attracted to you naturally.”

Who knew?

Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. Anonymous

    July 12, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Wow. So let me get this straight, they don't like fake hair or make-up. Sounds like we have gotten it all wrong because most of rely on all of that to impress them. It's good to know how they really feel.

    • wildchild

      October 21, 2014 at 1:20 pm

      I’ve never met a heterosexual man that knowingly applauded a wig or weave. I’ve never been complimented by a man while wearing my weaved or wig hair. the only compliments i garnered were from women or gay men. I even had a boyfriend that used to hide my phony pony at the top of my closet — he hated it. caught him dusting with it one time. most aren’t this involved and just care that we look nice and go with the flow– true. but i tell you what, since growing my locs men trip over themselves to compliment and even beg me to touch, shampoo and play in my hair. second thought….yall keep wearing them weaves and sending them brothers my way ;p

  2. Shayla

    July 12, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    I really don't blame them. Most of these wigs look a mess. Work on your real hair, and don't forsake it for weaves.

  3. Anonymous

    July 13, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    I am glad this article was posted. I feel like the black communities' perspective on beauty has really taken a toll on us especially our youth. My boyfriend has always been keen on natural beauty and always makes some really good points like how other races keep their hair the same for there whole life from birth to death. There hair never goes out of style like ours because they make sure media that their beauty is their natural beauty. Meanwhile with the Black community we are idolizing false looks which isnt our natural beauty. Also look at how much time and money we waste in our community on hair !! It's a joke … we spend $4 billion dollars a year in haircare (from my mkting book)…. why can't we just wear our natural hair like everyone else. On top of that we spend so much time doing our hair we miss out on opportunities… every other race is getting ahead because instead of taking time to get a sew in or straighten their natural hair in the morning they are out networking, looking up the mornings current events, looking at possible investments while we are still at home trying to get our hair "right". First we need to start off by showing our real beauty which is out natural beauty. I couldnt believe when I was walking out the store I was speaking to this lady about her hair she had a baby fro told her it was beautiful and what did she do to get the curls to stay in all day … and this man made a comment like you like how unkept hair looks that's odd…. I told him that it wasnt unkept its true beauty. Our hair is strong and volumous. We need to turn this around quick in our community because we could be using that 4 billion dollars to start businesses …. put our children through graduate schools …. traveling the world …. not on a false image.

  4. Anonymous

    August 6, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Oh please. Black women are doing this stuff because the see black men with women who have "long, flowing" hair. Look at this site and the virtually every woman highlighted has either relaxed or weaved hair. I'm certain they aren't doing it because it feels good to have it done either. They are doing it because it is THE STANDARD OF BEAUTY the we confront every day of the week whether viewing black or white media of any kind.

    • Kim

      July 24, 2015 at 9:07 pm

      Thank you a real comment!

    • Anonymous

      February 23, 2017 at 4:13 pm

      That’s the truth

  5. Amanda

    August 6, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    @ 10:55"Look at this site and the virtually every woman highlighted has either relaxed or weaved hair."_______________________________________________________________First thanks for visiting the site. But I can tell you are NOT a regular here because if you were, you would have noticed on the right hand side of your screen that there is a natural hair care section of this magazine. So go ahead hon, take a look to your right before saying that this magazine ONLY highlights relaxed hair and weaves. That is absolutely false.Secondly, most of the staff here WEARS natural hair. No weaves, NATURAL HAIR. I'm one of the founders and I myself haven't had a relaxer or weaves in over a year.And lastly, most black women are forsaking weaves and relaxers. That's why we have an entire section dedicated to natural hair. That also explains why we use PLENTY of pictures with women wearing un-relaxed hair. In fact, OUR LOGO even features a woman with natural hair.So I'm not sure where that comment came from. Again, you must be reading the mag for the first time, because your comments were totally off.Please learn more about the mag before making false claims.These men were just giving their opinions on weave. Sorry, they don't like it. Outside of Hollywood, most real men despise fake hair. Be happy that men prefer some hint of natural in women. That's a GOOD thing. I also suggest that you stop looking to the media to represent how black men feel…the media will bamboozle you. We're (the media) very powerful.Oh and as far as the whole standard of beauty thing, natural hair is even becoming the NEW STANDARD in mainstream media. Look at most of the black models in the larger Ad campaigns.Every black woman doesn't feel the need to fit the standards of others. I set my own, and wear my natural hair. In fact, PLENTY of black women do.

  6. Anonymous

    August 10, 2010 at 1:40 am

    Weave is overrated. Do men still prefer long hair? Sure. But they'd rather it be long hair growing from your own scalp. I don't understand why we get so defensive that men prefer that we just wear our own hair. I suggest we take care of our real hair, and stop throwing money away on weaves and wigs. Most of it doesn't look good anyway.

    • jojo

      August 6, 2014 at 8:27 pm

      Do men really know What they want? One minute they want natural and when they get natural they want u to do something with your hair. Granted not all men r like That but the same goes, not all women wear weaves for men. We all have our reasons and granted black women to me look better if the hair has definition but straight looks good on most too. To me its hair, as long as we worry about what’s on OUR OWN heads, what others have on theirs is just entertainment.

  7. Anonymous

    October 2, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    Black men claim they like natural hair, but they really like altered natural hair such as relaxed or straightened. I can barely get a black man to look my way when I where my natural curls, but if it's bone straight they come running.

  8. Anonymous

    October 22, 2011 at 12:15 am

    As a woman who went natural now for 6years I have to say that in my experience black men seem to prefer women with weaved hair than natural. If they want a natural sista they of course want those who are blessed with thick long tresses whether it is pressed or in dreadlocks. Also I am a black woman who is not a "natural beauty". I sorry but I need the makeup! lol! As far as hair I will never have long, thick hair but I like being natural. I want to bring out the "best" features that I can and for me that requires wigs,weaves, and makeup to even get male attention. By the way I do love my self for those who will assume otherwise. I am just stating my experiences and the reality that is set before me and my encounters. The black men that like natural women kudos to you but don't get upset at women who are doing what they feel will make them feel better or be accepted by the opposite sex. After all it was the black man that voiced the beauty standard that is set for us today. You are the ones that state in media(music, movies,etc) the physical features that you consider to be beautiful. Those of us who are not considered beautiful strive to be beautiful to receive its benefits.(i.e. attention, jobs,marriage, etc)

  9. Anonymous

    November 21, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    I agree with 8:21 am. Many black men say that they don't like fake hair, on the other hand they chase women with long hair or European features. I say rebel and define your own beauty. Who cares what black men think? If he can't see your beauty then he can't see the beauty that helped create his blackness. It is a shame that so many non-black men can see our beauty and our own ppl can't. I don't waste my time loving or pursuing those who don't fully accept my natural self. If a non-black man can love me for me then he really deserves me!

  10. Kimberly

    April 18, 2012 at 12:52 am

    okay really……this whole conversation makes me laugh…men say they don’t like fake hair on women but will bust their ass to tap on the chick with a full blown hair weave or wig in a minute if she is looking good……..someone said a woman should go natural….well damn! I look like a yellow buck wheat and my hair is like a damn brillo pad without a hair weave..seriously …do you still want to run your fingers through my hair????Think not….I feel absolutely comfortable and happy exploring hair weaves.Most importantly I do it for myself…not a damn man!

  11. Sheena

    April 23, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    To each it’s own. Half the time men can’t tell when a women is wearing a weave, wig or their own hair, if they could then they would realize that women of all different races wear wigs and weaves. It’s a WOMEN thing. Sometimes I wear a fro, sometimes I wear it twisted all over, sometimes I wear a full weave, straight, curly crimped, however I feel like wearing it. It has nothing to do with not having confidence it’s about being versitile. My husband loves my natural hair, when I wear a weave he likes that too. I wish ppl would stop saying black women are ashamed of their own hair, if that were true then there wouldn’t be so many black hair magazines, books and websites about both natural hair and weaves celebrating our beauty. Hair is hair wear it how you want, if a man can’t accept you because of your hair then he needs to keep it puhshin. I love my natural kinks and I love my weaves and wigs.

  12. Roberta

    August 2, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    I think men are attracticted to women who are confident in themselves. I have long, pretty natural hair, but I also wear wigs for the variety without the hassle. My husband loves my natural hair and he also loves how the weave makes me look. He already knows that I’m comfortable in my own skin (or hair I should say) and I feel like I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. So if I want to wear weave I do, If I want to rock my natural hair, I will. The most attractive thing about me in my husbands opinion is my confidence. I’m confident enough to wear weave or my own hair. To him (and I think most men) that’s all that matters.

  13. Andrea

    March 10, 2014 at 3:40 am

    First of all not all women wear wigs for the same reasons. Some including myself have been through health related hair loss. For all you know a woman could have cancer. The fact this wasn’t brought up in the article yet being told men think wigs look ridiculous is f’ed up. Secondly not all wigs are long. Every wig I own is shorter yes shorter than my real hair. I like pixie cuts and I like long hair and this allows me to mix it up. I have a wig with highlites which I would never do to my own hair. Also just because someone wears a wig doesn’t mean they have a dislike of their hair. My hair is natural, beautiful and it’s long. Oh, and let the men know I don’t like facial hair but I don’t go telling them to shave that mess off.

    • Bobby

      May 28, 2015 at 10:30 pm

      I don’t understand why any type of weave or wig a black woman wears it has to be that of a white female. every hairsttyle a white woman has ever worn you will see on the heads of black women on tv all the way down to a bleached blonde hairdo with black roots coming out of it as if that is a style it is just the bleach coming out for christ sakes and is not a style. It is sickening to see these women on tv looking like that.

  14. Janelle

    July 13, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    PUH LEASE! Black men won’t even look at you if your hair isn’t flowing down your back. They know it’s not your real hair—they just don’t care. I was single for two years—-the two years I decided to go natural. One day I got sick of it and went back to the salon and got an 18″ Yaki weave and then I was back in the dating game again. Met my current boyfriend. We’ll stop wearing weave when black men start going for natural sistas the same way they go for women with long hair—real or not.

    • Brandy Amos

      August 24, 2015 at 3:54 am

      Will the choir please say Amen!

  15. rishi

    July 22, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    Black women stop being fake and appreciate your true self, wigs are a complete turn off and unhygienic , it’s breeds lice, just the other day I saw a young black lady well dressed in high heels and the most natural black curly hair well maintained and I just couldn’t resist to approach her and tell her how beautiful she looked….

    • Katie

      October 17, 2014 at 12:48 am

      rishi–You are absolutely ridiculous.

  16. blush

    August 30, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    So f*CK what men think. Hair is tours, do as you please!!!

  17. kia

    October 24, 2014 at 12:31 am

    Black men like to have fun with women who wear weaves. But alot of black men or men period prefer to settle down and wife a woman who is Natural and comfortable in her own hair and skin. The Natural woman doesnt have to work so hard to keep her man or prove shes marriage worthy because the man knows who she is from the start. In my opinion alot of women who wears weaves tend to have alot of their priorities messed up. Natural women seem to have more respect for themselves. I think women who dont need weaves to feel beautiful or respected have a better perspective on life itself.

  18. Tea Time

    December 4, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    Black women look rediculous wearing a wig. What if white women wore an Afro wig? What would black people think of that!

    • Ladylanita

      December 13, 2014 at 12:30 am

      I’ll top you one better. What about the white women posing with Serena Williams size butt implants. That looks just as ridic to me.

      Black men are full of s-t. They love to out black women for wearing fake hair. But you have a ton of non black women out here rocking fake everything else. As long as they’re into black men, you won’t hear black men complain or say one word. Nor do I hear other white men, Asian men, etc… complaining about the extremes their women go through in the name of beauty.

    • Felicity

      December 29, 2014 at 11:30 am

      They have! Women PERIOD have been wearing extensions/wigs since forEVER. LOL Cher was very well known for her afro wigs back in the day. I have a beautiful head of natural hair that I often wear in an afro but I will slap on a wig cap in a minute if I want to change it up. I look awesome in a lot of hairstyles that my hair can’t achieve or I don’t want to damage it by pressing/perming etc. What’s wrong with that? It takes a strong Man to see past all of that to the true beauty of his woman anyway. Hair extensions have BEEN here and are here to stay. To each his and her own.

  19. Anon

    June 22, 2015 at 11:48 am

    I find it is hard to make blanket statements about what men like and do not like: it would probably take an absolutely vast amount of data to lend itself to any conclusions. Black men are individuals. I have found, in my experience, that some do not like weaves, straightened hair or wigs and can be vocal about that, usually when they are with someone with natural hair. Then there are others who prefer the usual ‘beauty’ standards: longer hair and I met one who likes women to colour their hair which I found interesting because it is not as straight forward for black women and can cause more damage to our more sensitive hair. I tend to prefer natural, personally, because it is healthier through being more natural. Some less natural hair is very unconvincing and even unflattering. However, sometimes it can seem like everyone wants to validate their own choices and prove they are better by pushing them onto someone else. I am turned off from trying to impose my view: we all make our own choices and have to live with them.

  20. Greg

    December 29, 2015 at 6:41 am

    I love weaves and wigs, makeup. WHO CARE What people think. 🙂

  21. Harv

    January 28, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Why won’t black women just be happy with the hair that grows out of their heads? I really don’t understand. My mother got up EVERY day and did her hair. My G.Mother as well. Lets just call this like it is. A good many of black women are just too plain lazy to do their hair and rather go after the men who are “less involved” about what hair they wear so they won’t feel obligated to do better. Drastically changing up your hairstyle for a day or two(like most other races of women that wear weave do) is one thing, but 3, 6, months at time and you always with weave??? m just tired of it. Yes thats part of the reason some brothers I know went to other races because they want to FEEL like they have an authentic woman, without hearing attitude about it, and without being made to feel like a ruling tyrant just because he says: “Hey baby I like the hair that naturally grows from your scalp better.” We can never get this as black men. but White men could say it and sisters would change it up real fast. Thats deflating as a black man and it does hurt. Sisters why can’t you just love your own hair? We do. And for you brothers out their MAKING these sisters feel like thats the only way black men like black women go fix yourselves, bc you’re the same ones out their pushing colorist, and discriminating against your own kind because you have some internal deficit that you hate about your own self. I dislike you type of brothers very much.

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