Tips to Overcoming A Break-Up

Fresh from a break-up? Here are some tips to get through the heartbreak.

By: Amanda Anderson

1. Treat it like what it is…a break-up.

There are break-ups and then there are “breaks.” The latter never served anyone well, and the former gets treated as a temporary fix to a unhealthy relationship, and that’s dangerous territory. So many times, we hope that there is a chance that our ex will come to his senses. Maybe he will become the man that you need or maybe those problems weren’t as big as you thought.

If you decided to call it quits-yes, those problems were big.

The reality is you broke up for a reason. There is no need to initiate a friendship or hope for a change of heart. Just move forward.

Sure, it’s easier said than done. But it is a process that you can get through. Face it head on so you can heal.

2. Learn from it, revenge is for the weak.

Why get even if you can just move on to something better?

There’s no need to tell the world that your ex sucks. What good would that accomplish? Forget slashing the tires and ruining reputations, classy women just move on and leave their exes to receive a much deserved dose of karma.

The best thing about bad relationships is the lessons we can take from them. Past relationships teach us more about ourselves, and in many cases reveal what we need to be happy in relationships. Kudos to failed relationships, you wouldn’t find true love without them.

3. Leave the rebounds to the NBA players.

It’s difficult to get out of a relationship and face a hard bout of loneliness. If you’re human, you’ll have the urge to meet someone new and get on boo status quickly. If your ex is still on your mind, this will be nothing more than a meaningless rebound relationship. Rebounds are a waste of time, and the time could be better spent to heal from the end of your former relationship.

Even if your ex jumps into another relationship, take your time and get over your last. There’s nothing worst than a woman with baggage who jumps from relationship to relationship.

4. Never let a break-up turn you into a bitter woman.

Yes it hurts to lose what you thought was a sure thing, but it happens to the best of us.

Every man you encounter shouldn’t be subjected to your wrath because your last boyfriend was a dog. Approach every new relationship with a clean slate, and only take the lessons with you into your future relationships. If you allow your past disappointments to consume your life, you will be sure to develop the kind of attitude that will make any man run for cover. Relax, and give love another chance when you’re ready.

5. Find another reason to be happy, and stay that way.

It’s hard to endure a failed relationship, but there are still so many other things in your life worth celebrating. If you have people who genuinely love you for you, and good health; hold on to those blessings and appreciate the good things. You will never have the perfect life or the perfect relationship, but there are plenty of things to be grateful for.

Choose to be happy despite the pain. Just like summer thunderstorms, pain is temporary no matter how dark the clouds may be. But when you decide to be happy regardless of circumstance, you take control back over your own life and emotions.

No man on this Earth deserves that much power…so take it back.

Once you get in control of your life, you will find that it’s not much that you can’t handle…not even failed relationships.

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