Ear Candy: The One Sweet We Can All Live Without

Beware of the sweet talkers; they’ll get you every time

By: Taren Vaughan

It’s a known fact that men are very visual creatures. Unlike females, they are stimulated by the things that they see. A pretty girl with a nice shape walks by and they break their necks trying to get a peek. Yeah, that’s definitely a man for you. As for us women, it’s the words that leave us mesmerized. You say the right thing to a woman and she could possibly fall head over heels for you in a matter of minutes. There are some men out there who know just the thing to say to keep their women happy and free from suspicious thoughts. Their charming powers and ability to think quickly on their feet have kept them from black eyes, slashed tires and broken car windows. These “smart guys” are what I like to call “sweet talkers”.

Why do I consider these men smart? It’s because they have mastered the art of sweet talking. They know exactly what to say to their woman when she gets angry that will make her forget what she was upset about. Dodging the bullet is one thing they know how to do best. Oh yes, they are quite slick individuals. In heated situations, they know just what to do to put the fire out. Sweet talkers also know how to get their way as well. The sweet talking is turned up a notch when they want their women to do something for them without a hassle.

How can you spot these sweet talkers?

Sweet talkers are all around us and some of them are easy to point out. You can tell before a man even approaches you that he has his game face on. And you better believe that he is sizing you up, thinking of what line he is going to throw at you. Little does he know, you peeped his game from a mile away and are ready to shut him down if he feeds you some nonsense. Sure that may be what you are thinking initially, but once the “candy man” whispers some sweet nothings in your ear, your guard comes crashing down. Mission accomplished. His words have won you over.

It’s hard not to fall hard for ear candy. Don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us. I have to admit, it feels good to hear a guy compliment you and say all of the right things that put a smile on your face. Sometimes, you just can’t resist it. But is that really what you want from your man? For him to always say what makes you happy just to keep the peace?

That is one of the biggest problems with relationships today. We say things to our significant others that we know they want to hear to keep them quiet and content. And that’s not how it should go down. If someone is acting childish or is doing something that is making you feel uncomfortable, let them know. Holding your tongue and not saying anything about it is taking the easy way out. Sometimes, the truth needs to be told even if that results in someone being unhappy. Honestly, what genuine relationship is always full of peace and tranquility, free from any arguments or confrontations? Let me know when you find one.

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