Fish Oil May Lower Chances of Developing Breast Cancer

Adding fish oil to your diet could lower your chances of developing breast cancer.

By: Amanda Anderson

A new study indicates that fish oil may prevent the development of breast cancer. In a recent survey taken amongst postmenopausal women, researchers found that fish oil could possibly guard against breast cancer. The study does not necessarily show a cause and effect relationship between breast cancer and fish oil, but it does provide the necessary research to get the ball rolling on discovering just how effective fish oil can be in prevention of the deadly cancer that has taken the lives of many women.

The study, which was found in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, indicated that women who take fish oil supplements are less likely to contract breast cancer.

In the study, 35,016 older women with no history of breast cancer and who reported taking fish oil supplements on a regular basis, had a 32% reduced risk for developing invasive ductal breast cancer. These numbers are in comparison to women who reported that they did not regularly take fish oil supplements.

While the researchers still aren’t clear on why fish oil lowers the risk of breast cancer, they state that the oil is anti-inflammatory. In many studies, inflammation has been linked to cancer.

So how can you increase your intake of fish oil and fight your chances of developing breast cancer? Researchers suggest taking one gram of fish oil a day or eating two servings of wild salmon a week. Also be sure to do research on any supplements you are considering taking. Most importantly, before you make the changes to your diet, be sure to speak with your doctor since fish oil is a blood thinner.

Source: Cancer Epiemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention


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