Talent Overkill? Will The Heat Be Explosive Next Season Or Will They Flop?

How will Miami Heat perform with their new additions?

By: Taren Vaughan

The sports world was on pins and needles this past Thursday as fans across the nation awaited the “King’s” decision. After months of extreme anticipation, LeBron James finally announced where he will be headed next NBA season. James will be joining Dwyane Wade down in South Beach as a member of the Miami Heat. Even though it was a predictable choice as noted by various sportscasters and spectators, the reaction of the Cleveland Cavaliers fans was anything but. From ripping up posters, yanking down signs, sending irate letters and the ultimate jersey burning fiasco, Cavs’ fans were down right disappointed and disgusted with James’ move. Losing James will put a huge dent in the city of Cleveland’s pockets, but what does his new team have to look forward to next season?

For starters, King James was not the only superstar that the Heat acquired during the offseason. Former Toronto Raptors’ star Chris Bosh will also be suiting up in a Heat jersey, joining D-Wade in the Sunshine State. Bosh left a lasting impression on the Raptors organization, being a five time NBA All-Star and setting records for most double doubles in franchise history.

The biggest question is: How well will this three man combo work out down in Miami?

The most logical way to think is that the Heat will be guaranteed a championship ring in 2011, seeing as though they have these incredible players in their starting line-up now. And judging from some bold statements that were made during the welcome celebration for Bosh and James that was held in the American Airlines Arena down in Miami, the talented trio seems to think they have a great shot of taking it all too. But we all know that is much easier said than done. The Miami Heat will have to do some revamping as far as the rest of their roster goes. In addition to that, Bosh, Wade and James will have to familiarize themselves with each other on a teammate level, seeing as though they have played as opponents for such a long time.

Having a winning season and capturing a championship title with multiple superstars on your team can be hard to accomplish. Talent overkill can ruin a team’s chemistry as we have seen it do in the past. Dealing with egos and sharing the spotlight with each other can lead to inner turmoil amongst the players and team associates. On the other hand, acquiring three of the most profound players in the league could result in great things for this Miami club.

Will Miami have their very own “Big Three” like the Boston Celtics that will win them a title the next go round? Or will there be a talent overload, causing the team to fall short of a ring? With all the hype surrounding the Heat, I sure hope they can rise to the challenge that stands before them.

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