Words Of A Belle: “The Same One”

The Same One

Cloud nine is where I landed
When you came back into my life
I even dreamed one day
That you would make me your wife

Then I woke up with the quickness
And had a reality check
Found out this same one
Had plenty women on deck

Soul mates I thought we were
Until our ship started sinking
You left me to drown
Got me to thinking…..
I had to take a pause
Feel the tears about to fall

Okay, I think I’ve got it together now

Was this really love that we once shared?
Silly of me to think you cared
No, I take that back
You did care about one person
Take a look in the mirror
Now tell me what you see
That person that you cared about surely wasn’t me

Self is who you looked after
And no one else
What a true shame it is
A man who always looks to get his
Not caring who he hurts, it doesn’t even matter

Retaliate is what I won’t do
Much too classy for that
But my face still stings
Like a back hand smack

This pain is not physical at all
Never once thought you would take it that far
But my heart you did bruise
It wears such an ugly scar

Without a dollar to your name
Or with all the fortune and the fame
I would still hold you down all the same

Never fussed, nor did I fight

Did what I could to make it right

So when it’s all over, tell me who’s to blame?

The same one that you give your all
Won’t be there to catch you when you fall
Be smarter next time, they all say
Wish it was that easy to let you go
The things that you did
The words that you spoke
Damn, was it all just a show?

True to you is what I was
Always loyal as can be
Maybe one day you will see
That everything you were searching for
You had it in me

-Taren Vaughan

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