Braids Gone Bad: Greensboro NC Resident Gets Hair Infection From Area Salon

By: Taren Vaughan

Getting your hair braided can be painful at times. Minor headaches, tender scalps and a few bumps here and there are normally what you have to look forward to. But for one Greensboro woman, her experience left her with more than just a slight headache.

Veronica Carter was rushed to the Emergency Room, not once but twice, after having her hair braided. She was said to have gotten a MRSA infection from this trip to the salon. Carter described the pain and her physical appearance after getting her hair done:

“The braid came out and it was like a little white bump,” she said. “The headaches became just on one side and it was migraines and it was like a heat sensation.”

“My whole face was swollen, my eye was absolutely shut,”

Although Carter was placed on several medications and her infection was treated, she was not satisfied. She was looking to get her money back from the stylist, who tried to convince Carter to let her redo her braids. Of course Ms. Carter refused the offer and I can’t say I blame her for that. The name of the salon remains a mystery and will most likely not be revealed to the public. After hearing about this incident, I will be very mindful of who I let do my hair. Be careful ladies.

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