Is Penny Hardaway Joining The Miami Heat?

By: Taren Vaughan

You will never guess who is looking to become a member of the Miami Heat next season? And no, it’s not Derek Fisher. But it’s Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. Hardaway has been off the scene for a few years now. But we may see him back in action next season.

He recently told ESPN’s Outside The Lines that he was just trying his luck:

“I’m just throwing my name in the hat,” “I’m just one to put my name out there and say, hey, I would love to be one of the guys to be on that team.”

Remember the Penny and Shaq combo from the 90’s? Of course his playing ability is not as refreshed as it was during that time. But Hardaway seems to be pretty confident that, if given the opportunity, he could be a solid contributing factor for the Heat. Hardaway isn’t a spring chicken by far, but I’m sure he can still give Miami some quality minutes.

I wonder who will be the next player to volunteer their services. I’m sure Penny isn’t the only one showing his interest, as a number of players in the league are inquiring about joining the Heat’s roster.

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