Rumor Control: Rihanna Still Isn’t Speaking to Chris Brown

By: Amanda Anderson

Hold your horses…Rihanna still isn’t speaking to Chris Brown, reps say.

After Chris Brown’s epic Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards, there were reports surfacing that Rihanna had reached out to her ex beau to finally make amends for the very tragic and public break-up that took place last year. According to these reports, Rihanna was so moved by Brown’s performance, that she immediately had her handlers contact him after the performance. The rumors said the two had a healthy conversation which ended with Chris Brown revealing that he was happy to be back in touch with her.

But according to Rihanna’s people, these are nothing but lies. All lies.

When asked if the Bajan beauty had reconciled with her old flame, her reps stated that it’s “absolutely untrue.”


Source: Gossip Cop

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