Bad Boys For Life: Men Who Are Set In Their Ways

There is no changing these men, they are who they are.

By: Taren Vaughan

I’m A Bad Boy”. This quote was coined by the ever so popular music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. Although this references a record label, this phrase most definitely applies to a number of men out there. These men are stuck in their ways and never gave it a second thought to change their unruly behavior. Bad Boys are what they are. And I’m not talking Martin and Will.

So what makes a bad boy become “bad”?

Quite frankly, some of these men have always been this way. From the very start, they have this mentality and they run with it, carrying it over into adulthood. And because they have been this way for so long, and no one has yet to call them out on the things that they have been doing, they see no real need to change. Little do they know, that chick named “Karma” will surely find them before too long. And it usually begins with their relationships.

A bad boy can go through some of the most horrible partnerships ever. Girlfriend cheats on them, causes them emotional distress and drives them completely out of their minds. For the average person, this would be a sure fire way to get them in check. But for this man, it still won’t change a thing, not at all. He’s a bad boy remember? Nothing will push him into the right direction. Or will it?

Are there certain things that happen in his life that cause him to walk the straight and narrow?

In some cases, yes that can happen. And it doesn’t always have to be related to a relationship. He could lose someone that is very close to him or he could go through another tough situation that is very unfamiliar to him. By no means am I saying he deserves this kind of thing to happen to him. This is not a “That’s what you get” type of statement. But some people don’t really realize how their actions hurt others until something tragic happens to them personally. Only then will they be remorseful for their actions. A man’s self revelation could be fueled by a number of different things. Thus, a bad boy could one day let go of his childish ways and really become a respectful and loyal individual. But then sometimes, that is just not going to happen. He may get himself together for a short period of time. And once that time has passed, he will be back to his normal self again. It all depends on how serious he is about his change.

As I write this, a few of my male friends come to mind. I remember some of the things that they did to women in the past and saw them pay the price for it. Now, they have become wonderful husbands, fathers and most of all, built closer relationships with God. On the other hand, I also have some guy friends that continuously go through bad situation after bad situation and they still choose not to make that turn around. As disappointing as it is, they will always hold on to their bad boy ways no matter what.

There comes a point where you just have to face the music. Some guys are just going to be who they are. No specific age or length of time is going to behoove these individuals to turn over a new leaf. And a lot of times, we think that giving them a long drawn out lecture is going to make them a better person. Good luck with that. That may have worked if he was 11 years old. But he is a grown man now. And grown men are pretty much set in their ways. Sometimes, both men and women, have to go through bad things over and over again to finally see the error of their ways. Or have some one do to them what they have been notorious for doing to others their entire lives. But if it is clear to you that a man is not about making some true changes, it may be time to move on. Let the bad boys be bad all by themselves. It’s time to give the good guys a chance.

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