Coping With The Loss Of A Loved One

Keeping God close to your heart will help you deal with a loss.

By: Taren Vaughan

“Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.”

Matthew 5:4

When lose someone close to you, it is one of the hardest things to deal with. Whether they passed away without any warning or they gradually start to pass away, the pain that you feel will still be unmatched to any other pain that one could ever experience.

When I lost my father back in June of 2008, I was so distraught. I had loss close relatives before his death but there is nothing like losing a parent. I had a very close relationship with him and because of that I took his passing very hard. All the tears and sleepless nights began to be a consistent part of my life. The phone calls, texts, Facebook messages and visits that I received during the time of his death really helped me deal with my grieving process. But the one thing that I did not lose through everything that my family and I went through was my faith.

Coping with the death of a loved one is much easier to deal with when you keep that close relationship with God. I know some of us get upset with God. We question and ask Him over and over “Why did you take them from me?”. We get angry and some of us even stop praying altogether. No matter what, you can’t lose your faith. God took that person because it was their time to go. Not because they were some horrible beings on Earth. But because He felt like it was that person’s time to come home.

No, you will never technically get over losing a loved one. But with time and prayer, it will be much easier for you to deal with. Find someone to talk to about how you are feeling or keep a journal to write your feelings down in (this is what I did). Whatever you need to do to get you through your loss, do it. It’s important to let your heart speak during a time like this. Holding things inside can be further depressing, but most of all, very dangerous.

As I see people, young and old, passing away with such frequency, it is a constant reminder that each day is not promised to us. Live everyday like it is your last for we never know when it will be our time. Continue to keep God close to your heart and your coping process will be much easier to deal with. I am not telling you something that I don’t know. I am speaking from personal experience. In due time, you will see the sun again, I promise.

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