Is 50 Cent Having A Nervous Breakdown?

By: Amanda Anderson

I ask that question because he doesn’t seem to know who he wants to be anymore. At one moment, 50 Cent takes on the role of music industry bully with his latest victims being P Diddy and Young Buck; the next he plans on giving up music all together, and then finally; he wants to keep doing music, but lay off of the beef for a while. At this point, it’s hard to keep up with all of 50’s antics, let alone understand who he is as an artist.

Here’s the latest on 50 Cent.

50 Cent says he’s over being the Hip-Hop bully. Recently he sat down with Tim Westwood TV, and said the following:

“I don’t have issues with people until they say things that make me feel like they want a problem. Point to one situation that I’ve been in, one altercation where I was competing with another artist that I’ve started. Ain’t that hip-hop? There’s always been battling.

“It’s always been a part of the culture. In the future, because I’ve been kind of captured as the actual bad guy on some level because they watch me compete and win and it feels like it was effortless, I will make a point to not even respond. I’ll just look and watch people when they say things.”

That might sound like he’s growing up to most, but to Young Buck, it’s just not a reality. The former G-Unit member is telling anyone who will listen that 50 Cent is blackballing him, and refusing to clear any features with some of the hottest artists.

In a recent interview with the Nashville Scene, Young Buck said the following:

“The problem is, I go to be a feature on their hit record, and then they have to go to 50 Cent to clear me on the record, and he says, ‘No.’ And they’re looking like, ‘Well, damn’ — cause if it wasn’t for that I would probably be on every record that’s out right now, cause everybody and their mama reaches out and gives me support.”


And to make matters even more contradicting, 50 Cent is still going in on P. Diddy. According to Hip Hop Galaxy, at a recent concert at Rio de Janeiro, the rapper thought it would the perfect time to smear Diddy even more. He yelled out before breaking off into a verse:

“Hello, good morning …Well the next time you see Puffy, you tell him I said, ’N—-, don’t at like a bitch !”

I’m all for a little battling from time to time, but I think 50 Cent needs to focus on his own career, since we all can see it’s fizzling out very quickly. He needs another hit, and he won’t get it by blackballing and taunting other artists who have managed to hold on to success.

Get a grip 50.

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