Sex Foods: What To Eat To Get You In The Mood

Certain foods that you eat can increase your sex drive.

By: Taren Vaughan

The foods that we eat can cause multiple things to happen to our bodies. Some foods can add those extra unwanted pounds to our frames while others work to keep our overall health in top notch condition. But did you ever think that certain foods could put you in the mood for sex? Researchers have found that what we consume can play a huge part in how sexually driven we can become. Let’s take a look at what items we should be adding to our grocery list:


Okay now, let’s look beyond the obvious for a second. Aside from it’s suggestive shape and size, bananas contain the enzyme bromelain, which aids in boosting a male’s libido. The fruit is also loaded with potassium and B vitamins that cause a rise in the body’s energy levels. Despite what some of us once thought, it’s more about what a banana contains than what it looks like.


Chocolate has been said to have the same effects on the body as does the stimulant phenylethylamine. It gives a person that sexual rush and increases their sexual desire. Chocolate also releases serotonin, coined as the “feel good” hormone, throughout the body. Now wonder why buying chocolates for your special someone is such a popular thing to do on Valentine’s Day. It’s definitely not because of the cute little heart shaped boxes that they come in.


It’s very surprising to see this food on the list as most of us don’t get turned on by a plate of hot peppers. These spicy foods contain the chemical capsaicin which releases endorphins, resulting in a rush of pleasure. Chillis also increase one’s blood flow and stimulate nerves throughout the body.


Just like bananas, avocado contains potassium which helps control the woman’s thyroid gland. Avocado also contains vitamin B6, another libido enhancer. The nickname that the Aztecs have for an avocado tree is the “testicle tree”. Perhaps they were really on to something with that one.


Last but not least, a food that can get your sex drive going is celery. It contains the hormone androsterone, which increases the rate at which a man perspires. This in turn is said to arouse his female partner. Who would have thought this crunchy after school snack would have you ready to have sex.

It’s funny how we try all of these different things to get ourselves aroused. We spend all this money on devices and magic lotions that are supposed to leave us in sexual bliss. When all we really needed this whole time only cost a couple dollars. Many of us never stopped to think about how doing something so simple like eating a banana could give us that sexual rush that we were looking for. As odd of a grocery list as this may be, it seems to be well worth the trip.

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