T.O. To The Cincinnati Bengals: Good Move?

By: Taren Vaughan

After spending the last season with the Buffalo Bills, Terrell Owens was yet again looking for a new team to play with. Now he has finally found a new home. And you will never guess where he is headed next. The 36-year old wide receiver just recently agreed to a one-year, $2 million deal with the Cincinnati Bengals. The St. Louis Rams and the New York Jets also showed some interest in Owens. But it was Cincinnati who decided to pick him up. Not to dwell in the past here, but I wonder how having Owens in the Bengals line-up will affect the team’s chemistry? We all know T.O. has been known to “shake things up” when he joins a new team. So I’m wondering how he will behave this time around. The good news is that he will be on the same squad with his good friend Chad Ochocinco. So this may have been a good move for him as far as that goes. But the real question is was it a good move for the Bengals? That will definitely be a lot of personality going on for one team. I hope the Bengals can handle it. Hopefully at the end of the day that won’t affect how they perform as a team this upcoming fall as both players do bring a lot of talent to the table.

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