Your Weekly Horoscope (7/26-8/1)

By: Amanda Anderson

The Lioness will start the week off with strong instincts. Decisions that once seemed impossible to make will appear obvious this week, and you will be better off by following your gut. Your career has been your number one priority lately, but even you can’t hide behind your dream job from situations that require your presence. Be the fearless woman that you are and make some much needed decisions.

Things are looking pretty good for you career wise, and this week people are starting to take notice. You are a skilled little diva, and it’s okay to celebrate you successes from time to time. Sure hard work is required to get ahead and stay there, but don’t forget to enjoy the little things too.

Famous Leos: Barack Obama, Halle Berry, Magic Johnson, Angela Bassett

The beginning of the week may pose shaky for you and a close friend. You may have the urge to be brutally honest and even criticize, but be warned that your harsh criticisms could very well put a permanent strain on a friendship that is of much value to you. Don’t ruin a friendship to prove a point Virgo. Stay calm and give your friends room to realize what you believe is the obvious.

Work will become frustrating by the middle of the week, but you’ll have much to look forward to as the week will end with some much needed romance. You are growing closer to that special someone, and if you play your cards right, this could be greater than just a Summer Love.

Famous Virgos: Dave Chappelle, Beyonce Knowles, Michael Jackson, Jada Pinkett Smith

You are the definition of busy, and at times, it could seem as if you have taken on too much. Stay calm, and remember that it takes a pretty awesome person to multitask as you have done so effortlessly. Not only are you overworked, but your mind is on a million different things. You’re pondering on love, career changes, prospective vacations, and nurturing friendships that may have fizzled out over the last few months. While you search for an emotional retreat, to everyone around you, you still manage to be one of the best people to be around. You are getting invitations left and right, and masking stress like you’re being paid for it. Don’t worry, it will all pay off, as it’s no secret that everyone loves the easy going Libra who is loads of fun. Expect a great opportunity to come out of the social scene that you have attached yourself to lately.

You own the weekend, so live it up with friends that have a reason to celebrate with you. Even if you can’t manage to find that perfect outfit, expect your weekend to be one of the best you have had in a while. Romance, friendships, and culture will give you everything you need by the end of the week.

Famous Libras: Will Smith, Toni Braxton, Ray Charles, India Arie

 The beginning of the week will seem as if every last one of your dreams are coming to pass, and you’ll feel like there isn’t anything that you really can’t do. Monday and Tuesday you will have a very big S on your chest, and it will magnetically attach to and encourage people around you. Use that positive energy to really make some big things happen, as you could be tempted to remain idle and just bask in the possibilities. Don’t do it! You have too much to do and you really can’t keep putting things off Scorpio.

Your romantic life will be hot one day and lukewarm on the other, but the extreme changes don’t mean anything greater than two passionate lovers fighting off their hormones during the hot Summer season. By the end of the week, you will want some space, but don’t go too far from your honey. It’s just a petty little situation anyway.

Famous Scorpios: Gabrielle Union, P Diddy, Whoopi Goldberg, Ahmad Rashad

You may be facing a few challenges this week, but it is important that you reflect back to your past to recognize your inner strength. You have been here before, although the situations have a few obvious differences. Fear has never been something you handle well, so use your courage as stepping stone and tackle all of your problems head on.

By the middle of the week, you will feel like no challenge is too big for you to overtake. This surge in confidence will serve you well as the weekend will prove very demanding. Although you have plenty resting on your shoulders, your confident attitude will help you get things done easy.

Famous Sagittarians: Jay-Z, Tyra Banks, Jamie Foxx, Tina Turner

Your creative juices are flowing and you are just craving for an outlet to release your submerging talents. You will begin the week pondering methods that will spark your creative nature, and you wouldn’t mind discovering interesting hobbies to add to your pretty hobby-free life. You will win big if you choose a hobby that revolves around your true passions, and doesn’t merely just keep you busy on weekends alone.

You’ll take your new found creativity right into your romantic life, as you will find new ways to communicate with your honey and bring on the passion. By the weekend, you and that special person will be in romantic bliss since you both are feeling the new changes in your relationship.

Famous Capicorns: Denzel Washington, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Aaliyah

This is the week that you just really don’t care about other people’s opinions of you and your life. It’s not that you’re an egotistical diva with no regards of other people’s feelings, but you have just gotten to a place where you are more concerned about your own feelings. This is a little new for you, but your high regard for self will be vital this week in getting close to bettering yourself as a woman. This has been long overdue, and by the end of the week led by your lack of concerns for other’s opinions, you will be a stronger person.

Famous Aquarians: Eartha Kitt, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey. Chris Rock

You’re still not sold on rather you want what’s best for you, and not merely something that just looks good on the outside. You are feening for the real thing, and you deserve some happiness that isn’t tied to unmet expectations. But just like anything worth having, you need to do a little research before you committ to the cause. Be proud that you have come to a point in your life where you understand firsthand that what looks good isn’t always good for you.

Famous Pisces: Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Spike Lee, Erykah Badu

You’ve have been working pretty hard, and you don’t mind it beacuse you have dreams to chase. But this is a week that should be used for a little R&R, so don’t fight the feeling to do nothing this week. Enjoy the little things that you have been missing for the last couple of months. If you can take a little trip or even take a lighter load at work, do so. It would be for your own good to just let life happen to you this week.

By the weekend, you will be better off in the company of loved ones, and having a carefree end to a week that has been full of relaxation. Have a few laughs, catch up with old friends, and pay close attention to someone who has been watching you all this time. Romance is only a couple of revelations away, so indulge in the possibilities.

Famous Arians: Mariah Carey, Eddie Murphy, Maya Angelou, Martin Lawrence

What’s on your mind Taurus? It’s clear to everyone that you aren’t too focused these days, yet you refuse to chat away with any of your girlfriends. You will never find closure if you don’t open up and dish over the details to those that love you most. You’ll feel much better afterwards when you release that load you have been carrying around for the last couple of weeks.

Your love life may be doing well without much work on your part, but if you don’t start reaching out to your forgotten friends who have been concerned about you lately, expect your friendships to get rocky

Famous Taurans: Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Coretta Scott King

Your career isn’t so perfectly fitting anymore, and lately you have been questioning just what on earth you have gotten yourself into. Fufillment at work is something that you are in dire need of right now, so you can’t help but stay fixated on what your next move should be. Stay put or venture off into a totally different pathway that you gave up on a long time ago? It’s a tough decision to make, but you won’t feel better until you make it. Find a little quite corner of the world to sit and reflect on just what your next move should be. You may even find that sometimes staying put is the best move to make.

Famous Geminis: Lenny Kravitz, Pam Grier, Prince, Venus Williams

For the Cancer, this will be your week of understanding the human race a little better, and the one week that your mind will be at ease. You have been worrying quite a lot about family, close friends, and even romance; but you’ll be too busy to worry this week because you’ll be in sync with those you haven’t been able to connect with in a while. And it feels pretty good to connect again to people you felt like you were losing.

Midweek you will feel like partying it up with the crew, but you should instead stay in and reflect on making this calm demeanor a part of your everyday life. Stress free will do you good this week, and by the weekend, your new glow will draw in new people from your favorite social scene. Get some good conversation, you need some.

Famous Cancers: 50 Cent, Bill Cosby, Nelson Mandela, Montel Williams

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