Psst! Prince Charming Ain’t Coming

Prince Charming is a myth…so let’s get past the fairy tales.

By: Amanda Anderson

Tall, dark, and handsome…charming, intelligent, confident and then some. You’ve got the perfect list for the perfect man. And the only way you get through those dry and dull dates with the lack luster men, is to imagine that you’ve finally landed the one man who could keep you intrigued. He’s like a dream come true, but he just won’t come true. Date after date you hold your breath hoping he’s finally managed to find his way to you. And when it doesn’t happen, you wonder just where the hell is this man? It’s obvious he isn’t the cheap non date paying dude sitting in front of you. So is torture part of the deal of happily ever after? The waiting game can break down even the strongest of women.

By the way, who made these rules and why on earth are we playing this game?

Thank Walt Disney for your misery. Since we were little girls, we have been taught that some gorgeous man would eventually come and save us one day. He’d save us from those very bad men who only ended up wasting our time, screwing us over and unapologetically breaking our hearts. He’d come pre-packaged with the white picket fence, perfect family, big wallet and family dog. We have learned to sit pretty and wait for a Prince Charming who was supposed to arrive on his high horse, and lift us up to a life of romantic bliss.

You may have thought you left this mentality with Cinderella, but you’ve actually carried this outdated fantasy with you into adulthood. In a society where good men are more like mythical creatures than realistic potential partners, you still have the nerve to wait on Prince Charming.

Sorry to inform you my dear, but Prince Charming ain’t coming. In fact, he doesn’t even exist out side of Disney World. And even then, he’s probably some creep in a costume getting paid minimum wage to keep the charade going and enticing young girls to continue the ridiculous cycle of captain save a princess.

Newsflash. There’s no such thing as a perfect man. So why are you still seeking perfection?

It’s amazing how we seek perfect mates when we aren’t even perfect our damn selves.

And a good man will give you what you need although he may fall short of a few things on your list. Rather it be a few of your physical requests, he will supply you with the things that you really can’t live without…your needs.

Most importantly, no man is going to come and save you from the realities of life. And you might even find that you will have to bite the bullet and save yourself. Put an S on your chest, and learn how to be happy with yourself.

Besides, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who can save herself. Wearing a cape has never looked so fabulous.


  1. It's so hard out here…sometimes I just wanted to give up. I'm glad I read this though because I never looked at the fact that I was being somewhat unrealistic. I'm not looking for perfection anymore, but I really won't settle for anything less than a good man.

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