Red Carpet Stylin’: Interview With Fashion Stylist Airest Newsome

The life of a fabulous fashion stylist.

Interview by Mame’ Damey

Edited by Amanda Anderson

For most fashionable women, to become a stylist, would be to secure a dream job. But for Airest Newsome, she’s living the dream and living a life that combines her passion for good style with helping others who need a little fashion inspiration. While great taste in fashion will be helpful to a large extent, Newsome is proof that it takes good old fashion business sense to get ahead in the profession. When she quit her full time job to make her passion more than just a side hustle, she learned the importance of being a business savvy go gettin’ diva.

Airest Newsome talks her life as a fashion stylist and just why an internship could be your ticket to becoming a fashion powerhouse.

Urban Belle: Fashion is such a competitive field to break into. What inspired you to become a fashion stylist? Have you always known that this is the career that you wanted?

Airest Newsome: I started off doing fashion journalism as an intern. I always knew that I wanted to work in the fashion industry but I didn’t know I was going to end up as a stylist.

Urban Belle: Although you have found your passion and it’s safe to say you love what you do, what are some of the most discouraging things of your job? And what things do you love about what you do?

Airest Newsome: The best part about my job is having the opportunity to meet other people with the same passion as me. The most discouraging is that you develop personal relationships with your clients which could be good or bad. Even though I have an office, my job also has to come home with me.

Urban Belle: You started from the bottom of your career as an intern, and now you are landing your own clients. How did you go from an intern to business savvy?

Airest Newsome: I studied women who were well established in the fashion industry such as Rachel Zoe. I studied how they built their business and clientele and paid attention to their craft which gave me a better understanding of what I wanted to do.

Urban Belle: With your success, what advice do you give to anyone who wants to work in the fashion industry?

Airest Newsome: Just do it! If you have the passion and drive don’t let your past bad experiences discourage you. Don’t wait around for someone to give you a title, claim the title for yourself.

Urban Belle: Fashion changes every season, and it’s easy to understand why it takes skill to give great guidance on style. Reflecting on all the clients you have worked with, what is the best piece of fashion advice that you have ever given?

Airest Newsome: With all the changes in trends in the fashion industry, my advice is to ignore some of those trends because they actually stay the same. Don’t focus on trend rules, focus on what best fits you and what compliments your body type.

Urban Belle: Every stylist has their own fashion essentials, so what are the fashion pieces that you can’t live without?

Airest Newsome: My look is very 50’s and vintage inspired. My first item is a black blazer because it adds an feminine flare to a look. My second item is nude pumps because they match with almost everything. My third item is a good tube of mascara.

Urban Belle: There are many great fashion trends that have been taken from the runways of New York Fashion Week. Although some are fashion forward and fabulous, others are a little bit extreme. What are some of your favorite current fashion trends?

Airest Newsome: I’m very excited about some of the new fall collections. Most designers are taking it back to basics with simple tops and blouses with quiet details. The summer trends were more about loud neon colors and different prints and I’m looking forward to the simple looks.

Urban Belle: What do you recommend every Belle has in her closet this season?

Airest Newsome: I think every belle should own quality high waist trousers. I love them because they extentuates the waist line. They can go from an office look to an evening look as well.

Urban Belle: We all have that moment when we feel we have made it in our respective fields. What was your moment, and what would you consider your biggest achievement?

Airest Newsome: Everyday I’m still trying to get to the peak of my career. The moment where I felt my career was going in a good direction is when I was able to quit my full time job to focus on launching my own business. If you are able to do what your passion is and still be financially stable, then I think that’s when you know you’ve made an accomplishment.

Urban Belle: Besides styling what are your major goals in the fashion industry? What is next for you in fashion and career wise?

Airest Newsome: I want to keep building my clientel and I also am working on a book that will hopefully be released next year. It will about most of the truths about the fashion industry and what steps to take to break in the fashion industry.

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