Show Me You Love Me

Showing your love is so much more than saying those three words.

By: Taren Vaughan

Love is much more than just a four letter word. It can possess a lot of power and meaning behind it when passionate people are involved. Telling someone that you love them is one thing. But showing them that you love them is a totally different story.

Putting your love into action can be done in so many ways. Sending a dozen roses with a sentimental card attached to them can go a lot farther than a simple “I Love You”.

Honestly, he doesn’t even have to go the roses route. There are plenty of other things that your man can do to exercise his silent love that won’t cost him a dime. Giving you a nice massage or running a nice warm bath for you could definitely let a woman know that her man loves her. Every woman loves to be pampered every now and then. So no man could go wrong with that.

Spending some alone time with us can definitely be a way for our men to show their love. A night with just you and her, cuddled up watching her favorite movie, could be just what she needed to know that you care. As much as a man would rather be with his friends, throwing back a couple of beers and watching Sports Center highlights, he chooses to spend time with his lady.

Or what about just being there to listen?

Most of us, if not all of us, love to talk about things that are on our minds. And sometimes we just like to have someone to vent to. And what better person to do that to than your man? Nine times out of ten, he may not know what in the world you are talking or complaining about. But the fact that he is willing to sit through your bickering says lot in itself. Just simply being in a woman’s presence to listen to her rant and rave is all she needs.

Telling someone that you love them only takes a few seconds out of your day to do. Come on now, that’s way too easy. I’m not saying that it is never needed because it is. It does feel good to hear your man tell you that he loves you. And it is a way of verbally showing his affection towards you. Yes, that’s all quite lovely. But sometimes it’s about what he actually does for you that makes you fall for him that much harder. I don’t know about you, but it’s just something about that “silent love” that really just makes my heart melt. More men should really take note of this.

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