Shaq To Boston: Can He Help The Celtics Next Season?

By: Taren Vaughan

Looks like LeBron is not the only player saying goodbye to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cavs’ Shaquille O’Neal is now headed to the Boston Celtics. He will be joining the “Big Three”, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, along with point guard Rajon Rondo, in the line-up next season. As Eastern Conference champs, the Celtics did have a great season, even though they couldn’t put a stop to the Lakers’ run for the NBA title.

But is adding Shaq to the roster going to give them that extra boost that they need?

Allen, Pierce and Garnett have all been in the game for awhile now and are not as lethal as they used to be on the court. Don’t get me wrong, they are still of All-Star calibre. But they too are moving up in age. And at almost 40 years old, it’s obvious that Shaq doesn’t move or score like he used to. So can he really have that much of an impact on the team? Even during his short reign in Cleveland, Shaq didn’t put up numbers like he did with the Lakers. Come on now, did we honestly expect him to? He was much younger during that time in his career. And at this point, the likelihood of him being explosive with the Celtics is slim to none too. Sad to say it, but Shaq Diesel’s age may be catching up to him for real this time. But he still has the ability to bring that spark to the team as his sense of humor will never get old. This new Celtics team should be very interesting.

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