Summer Wrap Up: Fashion Essentials

By: Amanda Anderson

Summer’s almost gone, but here’s 5 fashion essentials you have to rock before the season slips away.
1. The Jumper

Rihanna’s worn them and countless other stylish celebs have made these pieces a must have for the season. You don’t want Summer to end without finding the perfect jumper and making a fashion statement that can go from casual chic to runway staple in a matter of minutes. The key to dressing up the jumper is to select accessories that add the right amount of glamour.

2. Floral Accessories

We’re talking fabulous floral pieces that bring the softness back to statement jewelry. Select pieces that will compliment your overall style. Favorites will be floral cluster rings, as well as statement bracelets completed with floral accents.

3. Lace

Lace tops are in and you’ll need to take advantage of this look for your daytime and evening looks. A simple top with a lace accent will work perfectly for daywear, while laced cocktail dresses add more spice to a night out on the town.

4. Denim Dresses

Go back in time with this 80s favorite. Find a denim dress that compliments your shape and stays in line with your specific style. There are so many styles to choose from as denim isn’t restricted to limits.

5. Dramatic Bows

From runway to your closet, dramatic bows have made a splash on fashion this season. Rather you prefer to wear them in your hair with 80s styled headbands or on your favorite tops; the bigger the better. Make a statement, but there’s a thin line to cross between womanhood and childish fashion. Tread it lightly.

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