The Magic Stick: Playing Lacrosse Inspires Students In Denver, CO

Playing lacrosse helps elementary students excel in school.

By: Taren Vaughan

At a very young age, most children are exposed to a wide variety of sports. Due to financial difficulties and limited resources, millions of children across the nation don’t have the opportunity to be exposed to sports other than your typical basketball or football. Luckily for one particular group of students, they were given the opportunity to play a sport that they never once thought of participating in.

Lacrosse is popular amongst other races in our country. But it has now become the favorite sport of area African American students in Denver, Colorado. First introduced to Hallett Elementary school students, it has become area youths’ favorite sport overnight.

Not only have these kids been exposed to a sport that they had no prior knowledge of. But they have now developed better study habits as well. Erik Myhren, the man responsible for first bringing the game of lacrosse to the attention of students at Hallett Elementary, feels that sports provide children with multiple life opportunities beyond their imagination:

“They’ve been to new cities and new parts of the state, which opens up their world a little bit,” “I think, as a teacher, that’s why athletic enrichment opportunities are so crucial for children. Every kid deserves some time to shine, whether it’s academics, lacrosse, acting or music.”

City Lax has made a lasting impression on more than just its participants. Their parents have also become instrumental in its progress as well. One mother spoke on how participating on the team has improved her son’s outlook on school and has even led him to compete for an academic scholarship:

“He said, ‘Mom, I just want this so bad,’ “. “Whatever he needed to do, he was willing to do it.'” -Rosie Franklin, mother of lacrosse player Jaden Franklin

Jaden’s twin sister also participates with City Lax, which involves both girls and boys and thoroughly encourages both genders to take part in the sport. It’s amazing how a teacher bringing in a pile of sticks to class one day blossomed into the development of something that has changed the lives of children and the people in their community.

Source: Denver Post

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