Dallas Cowboys Defeat Cincinnati Bengals In Preseason Opener

By: Taren Vaughan

Football season has finally arrived. And what better way to kick off the preseason than with a game between America’s favorite team and the newly revamped Cincinnati Bengals. Aside from the highly anticipated debut of Terrell Owens as a new face in the Bengals’ line-up, this was a big night in NFL football as the Hall Of Fame Class of 2010 was recognized. Former Cowboys’ star Emmitt Smith was one of the seven greats to be inducted into the Pro Bowl Hall Of Fame this year and delivered an emotional speech that touched the hearts of many. Other 2010 Pro Bowl Hall of Famers included Russ Grimm, Jerry Rice, Floyd Little, Dick LeBeau, Rickey Jackson and John Randle.

As for the game itself, both teams put on a good show as Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo had virtually no problems completing passes to Miles Austin and Jason Witten. On the other side of the field, Terrell Owens seemed to already be well adjusted to his new team as the wide receiver finished the game with 2 catches and 18 yards.

Now we knew T.O. was going to do or say something “memorable” in this one. In addition to giving a few poses for the camera, Owens made a comment in reference to this new two-man team that has formed between him and Ochocinco. When asked about how he and new teammate would perform together, he referred to the two as “Batman and Robin”. So which one do you think T.O. claimed to be? If you didn’t catch that clip, I’m sure you can already guess the answer to that question.

Although they did not emerge victorious in this one, the Cincinnati Bengals did put on a good show last night. The next preseason battle on the gridiron will be between the Super Bowl XLIV champs the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots on August 12th at 7:30pm.

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