Is God A Part of Your Relationship?

Involving God in your partnership will keep it strong.

By: Taren Vaughan

“So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate”
Matthew 19:6

Making God the center of your life is vital to your overall well-being. His presence allows you to make wiser decisions and become in tune with your spiritual self as He wants us all to do. Although having God as number one in your life is extremely important, having Him as a member of your relationships is just as important.

At wedding ceremonies, we often hear preachers say that once everything has settled, the only people ultimately involved in your union will be you, your spouse and God. Even if you are not yet to the point of marriage, God should still be present. Our partnerships should always involve God. Without Him being a significant part of your relationships, how will you be able to get through those trying times? No matter how good of a relationship you have, there will be moments when you are both tested. Your willpower is tested. Your patience is tested. It can even get to the point where your faith begins to falter. And when this happens, you want God to be present to lead you in the right direction.

Having a true relationship with God can allow you and your partner to withstand any obstacle that may come your way. The strength that He will bless you both with will allow you to overcome the issues that you have as individuals, thus leading you to become a better person for your relationship.

As God plays a huge role in your own personal life, He should be equally involved in your partnerships. Only then will you all have a truly solid foundation to stand on; one that no man can easily tear down.

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