Redskins Defeat Bills In Preseason Blowout

By: Taren Vaughan

Judging from the score of the Friday night game between the Washington Redskins and the Buffalo Bills, the Skins pretty much had their way with this team hailing from West New York. Limited to a single field goal in the first quarter, the Bills’ chances of winning were looking shaky from the very start. Getting familiar with his new team was not a problem for quarterback Donovan McNabb. He went 5-of-8 passing for 58 yards in two series and hit teammate Anthony Armstrong for a touchdown pass in their 42-17 victory over the Bills. After finally managing to pass his conditioning test, Redskins’ Albert Haynesworth played in the game and has a very positive outlook on what he can do for his team this season:

“I know I’m a good player,” “and eventually I’ll be with the first team.”

With a confident Haynesworth on defense and a well adjusted Donovan McNabb on offense, the Washington Redskins should continue to see much success. The Buffalo Bills on the other hand, didn’t look all that great as they continuously made mistakes on both ends of the field throughout the game. Losing T.O. couldn’t have possibly sent this team’s offense into such a downward spiral like this could it? Even with the likes of Owens on offense last year, the preseason for the Bills wasn’t the best either. All I can say is Thank God this is just preseason. Maybe by the time the regular season games start up, the Buffalo Bills will be much more productive and can bounce back from the slaughtering that they took from McNabb and company.

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