Atlanta Falcons Beat Kansas City Chiefs By A Dime

By: Taren Vaughan

Coming off a 4-12 season and a winless preseason, the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to redeem themselves. Adding first round draft pick Eric Berry to the line-up was a good start. But the Atlanta Falcons had a few new recruits themselves. How well did the new editions to the Falcons’ franchise hold up in this game? Knowing that rookies often have to get their feet wet first before they become explosive forces on a team, the expectations that are set for them can be low. However, it wasn’t the veterans who led this team to a solid victory over the Kansas City Chiefs as their rookies stepped their game up in this one and rose to the challenge.

Tailback Dexter McCluster, a second round pick from the 2010 Draft, made a few standout plays in his debut game. And with the help of rookies Dimitri Nance and Shann Schillinger the Falcons found themselves in a good position during the third quarter, one that they never seemed to get away from. Nance, out of Arizona State, ran for a 3-yard touchdown, upping the score to 10-3, in favor of the Falcons. Schillinger was partially responsible for the well executed play after picking off a throw made by Chiefs’ Brodie Croyle. The Falcons went on to win their preseason opener against the Chiefs 20-10.

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