Sound Off: Our Readers Speak on Fantasia, Montana Fishburne, and Antoine Dodson

Fantasia’s Homewreckin’…

“I am so disappointed in Fantasia. She’s one of my favorite singers, and this whole scandal involving this married man really turns me off to her music right now. I guess the thing that really bothers me is that she continued to pursue the man even after she found out that he was still married. This just makes Fantasia look selfish and very hypocritical. For a woman who sings about heartache so much, you’d think she wouldn’t want to cause it.”

– Linda J.
  Age: 26
  Charlotte, NC

“Fantasia is just going through what plenty of women go through publicly. Not that most of us would rather wreck homes than find a single man, but we’ve all loved someone we probably shouldn’t have. There’s a good chance that she will wake up like most of us do, and then there’s a chance that she’ll have to get hurt before she sees the bigger picture. It’s unfortunate for both women involved, but I really feel bad for the wife.”

-Nicole H.
 Age: 21
 Lithionia, GA

“I guess I’m the only one that can’t find a trace of love anywhere in this ghetto soap opera. To me, it just looks like Fantasia is whipped by a pretty face and good sex! She will regret risking so much for so little. Both women can do so much better and need to. This whole situation reminds me of Britney Spears and Kevin Federaline. Remember how in love they thought they were? Now they are divorced and Britney had to work really hard to get her career back on track after all of that. I think we as women can be so blinded by what we think is love that we will be willing to sacrifice our career and even hurt other women. We have got to start looking for love in better places and circumstances.”

– Tracey L.
  Columbus, GA

Montana Fishburne’s Porn Debut as a Result of Idol Kim Kardashian’s Success…

“The whole situation with Montana Fishburne is just pathetic. And it’s not pathetic because a grown woman wants to enter porn even though her father is a famous actor, it’s pathetic because so many other young women admire her decision. I come from a generation of women who work hard and got a great education. Our role models reflected those beliefs. We looked up to women like Oprah Winfrey, Coretta Scott King, Shirley Chisholm, and other movers and shakers that didn’t result to sex tapes and prostitution. But these young girls look up to Kim Kardashian, Superhead, Katt Stacks, and now Montana Fishburne. Something is truly wrong with that.”

– Jackie T.
  Age: 32
  Brooklyn, NY

“I’ll admit (with much shame) that I looked at the sex tapes, and it was just really disgusting. Not sexy at all. Montana’s body is so worn out and it’s clear that at just 19 years old, this woman has had more sexual partners than necessary. It’s such an unhealthy place for someone so young, but it may take a real breakthrough for her to realize that she is headed on the wrong path. I pray her father will get through to her. She could end up dead if she doesn’t slow down.”

– Melissa D.
  Age: 24
  Greensboro, NC

Antoine Dodson Becomes An Overnight Celebrity For Coonin’ on the Local News After Saving His Sister From Rape…

“When I first saw the video, I thought it was hilarious. I did not imagine that it would blow up the way it did. Antoine himself became a bigger story than the attempted rape. It was all over Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, as well as the major urban blogs. When I saw the song that was made in honor of Antoine, I realized then that we as a people were being laughed at. I think it’s up to us to no longer promote the ignorance and pressure the media to find better images to use of African Americans.”

– Shayla P.
  Age: 20
  Orlando, FL

“I knew it was going to blow up bigger than it needed to. With a black president in office, I think sometimes other races take comfort in seeing ignorance from African Americans. It’s kind of like it’s a subliminal reminder that we are still deemed as an ignorant race of people. And Obama himself won’t change that view. It is up to African Americans to stop promoting ignorance that involves our own people. and we must no longer willingly assist in the destruction and the exploitation of our people.”

– Nicole A.
  Age: 25
  Washington, DC

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