Books For Belles: “No More Mr. Nice Guy” By: C. Kelly Robinson

By: Taren Vaughan

Author C. Kelly Robinson’s book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” most definitely touched on a subject that is now and will forever be held at question: “Why do good guys finish last?” As for the main character of story, Mitchell Stone, he was finally in search of the solution to his and many men out there’s life-long problem.

As with most good guys, Mitchell Stone possessed all the qualities that women would kill for in a man. He was caring, hardworking, a real sweetheart to those of the opposite sex. Unfortunately for Mitchell, his good boy ways were often times overshadowed by the brothers who had a little more swag than he did; the type of men that faithfully held down the title as “Dogs”. After being rejected one time too many, he sought help from none other than his closest male acquaintances. With track records longer than anyone could keep up with, these men attempted to coach Mitchell into becoming the dog of all dogs as a way to rid himself of his dating woes for good. From running off a list of “Dog rules” for him to memorize to planning out his approach to his new “female friends”, Mitchell was thoroughly schooled on how to become the bad guy that he never imagined that he would be. But like all players do, the once “do-right” man got caught up.

The main character dealt with the same things that most good, wholesome men are faced with. And one of those things is rejection. Men in general don’t like being rejected by women. But it is that much more intolerable for those men who know they are husband material. Being placed on the back burner for someone who in your eyes is not nearly as deserving of love and affection that you are can be a hard pill to swallow. Seeing all those trifling, lazy, self-absorbed guys get more women than they can handle is like a slap in the face. But is that a man’s cue to abandon his good name for a moment in the player spotlight?

Sure, it may feel good to have women falling all over you and never having to worry about being by yourself. But you have to keep in mind, this is not who you truly are. And before long, the extended vacation that you take from your true self may land you in some situations that you can’t get out of. At the end of the day, it’s not worth the risks. And as for the main character Mitchell, his risk resulted in a little more than a slashed tire. And he potentially cost himself the real woman of his dreams, Nikki Coleman. So you see being a player is not all that some of us make it out to be. Jumping in and out of bed with nameless females, having to master how to lie at the drop of a dime to cover up your tracks can be pretty tiring after awhile. My advice to all of the “Mitchell Stone” type of brothers out there is to keep doing what you do. No need to resort to being a player. Your time will come, trust me.

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