Downgrading to Upgrade?

Why is money the deciding factor in love?

By: Dawn Marbury

In this brave new world, cash rules everything around us- not excluding dating. Throughout history women have been subjected to pre-arranged marriages, being sold off as dowries, and even the oldest profession of prostitution as a way of living the good life and having male attention. Only in recent history women have been granted the freedom to choose her mate. Ironically many women have chosen to bank their future not on the premise of love but on money. Gold digging is no longer a sport for the groupies as every day ladies are cruising the streets looking for Mr. Big 401k. Some man with a big wallet isn’t always Prince Charming on a white horse, even if he can afford the carriage ride.

Men are the new women. In this day and age men are courted and pursued like the way women were in the not so distant past. The most sought after men are the not the ones with the biggest hearts, but the biggest income. Looks, intelligence, personality, and even compatibility are no match for a Daddy Warbucks. Rich guys even have sugar daddy websites further solidifying the power of his almighty dollar. The douchebaggery behavior that many of these Primo Don divos exhibit is overlooked and ignored as they flaunt their benjamins like food for women who seem to be as hungry as starving Africans for money attention and affection. Some of these guys even let their appearance fall off as no one cares how fat and unhealthy they are as long as the checks keep rollin’ in. Always the discriminator, these hefty high rollers wouldn’t dare date a woman as unfit or unattractive as they are. Many are just playboys trying girls out as women compete for them like they are training for the 2012 London Olympics. Jumping through the hoops of his heart may take years as the winner of the prize is often the one most willing to put up with unsavory bullsh-t. Even as the number of available men seem to decrease, the regular guys don’t stand a chance against ol’ money bags. What is it about these rich guys that seems to permit women to compromise on the most basic of their needs to chase the waterfalls of mansions and Mercedes Benzes?

The regular guy can’t win for losing. He falls back as the Miss Independent’s of the world pass him by in the races of prestigious positions at work only to be badmouthed and belittled by women that won’t date him because he isn’t rich. Rich losers are exalted and regular guys get lumped in with Federlines in the dating hierarchy. Around the way boys have become disillusioned with the bold rejections they receive at the manicured hands of women, demasculated because they aren’t taken seriously. Sure they may be a Mel Bushman, but they never see the respect and admiration they need that their rich counterparts bask in. Women talk, behave, and expect totally different things from the regs. At one hint of impropriety these guys are cut off with the quickness, while rich douches string women along until they’re done with them. Even if they share interests, jokes, and good times with the modern-day chica, these connections are dwarfed by the dollar. Unable to figure out what women really want, lots of these guys settle for nights out with the boys and strippers when they need the undivided attention of a female.

Life isn’t cheap. The cost of living grows higher and higher and the finer things in life seem more accessible than ever. Hypnotized by MTV Cribs and The Real Housewives, we look at glamor as something to be magically bestowed upon us rather than earned. The financial advantages of the few as seen as the sole symbols of success and equated with happiness. As money plays a huge part in what we can experience in life, love and true companionship should be the anchor of every relationship, even if the relationship isn’t equipped with a yacht. To sacrifice who you are and what is authentic to you for financial gain is an unecessary toll in a cold world, especially when the best things in life are free.

Dawn Marbury is one of our featured writers. She is a talented writer who writes an awesome and an extremely witty blog entitled The Bourgeoisie And The Beast when she isn’t working on her own books. Check out her site, it’s addictive.

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