Words Of A Belle: The Shackles Still Remain

The shackles still remain
No matter what you say
They try to hold me down
But I go on anyway
They can not hold me
My mental strength is too much for them to handle
My wisdom and courage shines brighter than a candle

These shackles still remain
So I must be careful with what I do
And what I say
For I know they already perceive me
In their own way

Some may believe the shackles are gone
They say the door is open for everyone
But when I open my mouth
To say what is on my mind
Your faces begin to frown up
It happens time after time

Although these shackles still remain
They do not hinder me
Despite the color of my skin
I will rise up
I know I will win

I broke free from the shackles
I pray that others do the same
But if they do not try
Then their shackles will remain

-Taren Vaughan

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