New Study Reveals Blacks and Women Talk and Text More

By: Amanda Anderson

In a society dominated by technology and cell phones that are more like compact computers than steady talking devices, it is no shocker that we as a society are texting and talking more than ever before. The growing popularity of social networks only aids the addiction to technology and our addiction to typing, as we tend to stay in touch through various forms of messaging through tweets and numerous chat services.

While just about anyone will admit that we probably talk and text way more than we need to (hint the need for unlimited text messaging plans and thousands of daytime minutes), some of us are talking and texting more than others. And a recent study reveals that women and African Americans just can’t get enough of either form of communication.

A study conducted by the Neilsen Co. surveyed the phone bills of 60,000 people. The report concluded that blacks use an average of 1,331 minutes a month, versus 647 minutes a month for whites.

Hispanics talked an average of 826 minutes per month, while Asians and Pacific Islanders racked up 692 minutes a month.

When it comes to text messaging, Blacks send an average of 780 messages a month, while whites send 566 messages per month. Asians and Pacific Islanders send about 384 messages a month.

While it’s not clear why blacks talk and text more, the study does dispel the myth that most blacks don’t have home phones, so in turn must rely on cell phones. 25 percent of blacks only had mobile devices, while 21 percent of Whites reported that they had no home phone.

When it comes down to the genders, it’s no shocker that women talk and text more than the men. Women use about 856 minutes per month, while men only average 667 minutes per month. Women also text 34 percent more than our male counterparts.

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