Belle of the Month: Danielle Wideman

Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Goddess Magazine

Growing up as a teen, Danielle Wideman realized there was a lack of magazine publications that specifically targeted urban teen girls. In 2009, Danielle created Goddess Magazine, a publication that is dedicated to highlighting accomplishments of everyday teen girls and informing its readers about issues that may affect them such as low self-esteem, body image, importance of education, and relationships. Danielle saw the need for a magazine that could mentor teen girls and become their outlet. With today’s society portraying women in a negative light, Danielle believes that some teen girls do not understand the meaning of their self-worth. As the founder of Goddess Magazine, Danielle wants to ensure its mission is carried out through each issue to let young women know that there is a Goddess within them.

Danielle’s background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Communications from Northern Illinois University and a MBA from The University of Phoenix. While at NIU, Danielle was the Editor-in-Chief of NIU’s magazine called The Voice. While in this position, she transformed the publication from a print version under the old name, Huskies Highlights to an online version. She implemented an internship program to hire writers, graphic designers and photographers to stay within the budget. With this position, Danielle has learned the importance of implementing and operating a magazine.


  1. I checked out her magazine, and it's very uplifting. It's great to see you guys showing her love. It's so many great magazine out here that are being operated by young business savvy black women. I really do believe these (UB included) will be the next major publications.Great write up.

  2. Way to go Miss Danielle! Continue doing great work and reminding EVERY girl and woman that they are a Goddess! These young girls certainly need role models they can relate to. Keep making it happen!

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