Lil’ Kim On “Hot Tottie” Remix: Did She Put It Down?

By: Taren Vaughan

When you hear about Lil’ Kim being on a remix track, you automatically assume that she will put it down like no other. I still remember her whole versus in “All About The Benjamins” and “Quiet Storm” remix like many other hip-hop heads out there do. Her raw lyrical delivery has been known to overshadow the male rappers on tracks, which is why she will always be one of the notable female emcees. So there is no doubt that she will do her thing right?

Well nowadays, it seems like fans are not as moved by the presence of “Big Momma” on wax anymore. Lil’ Kim was recently featured on the “Hot Tottie” remix with Usher and Jay-Z. And let’s just say that some people were not too impressed by her rhymes. Peep It:

So what’s the verdict? Does she still have that lyrical swag from back in the day? Or has Lil’ Kim officially fallen off?


  1. No, Kim did NOT put it down. She played on this damn remix. And she should have came much harder seeing as this track is hot! She needed this and she blew it! And why the hell does she sound like that? She didn't say anything…come on Kimmy, Minaj is slaying you with that Monster track!If you're the Queen, be the damn queen!

  2. I love Kim. Nicki has nothing on her (the old Kim).But this right here, hurts her cause. It sounds like she's trying to sound like Nicki Minaj. What's really good Kim?

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