Groupie Love: Why Pro Athletes And Rappers Prefer Groupies Over Real Women

No need to be jealous of the groupie chicks…they’re only temporary.

By: Amanda Anderson

It’s tough being a single and educated black woman, as the media continues to dilute our hopes of landing a great relationship and even a good black man. While we all know that good black men are still out there (under rocks and crevices), we also can’t help but notice that the prominent black athletes and rappers seem to be directing their attention else where. And by else where, I mean Groupie-Dom. It’s as if educated black women have gone out of style in exchange for money hungry, bobble head type Reality TV star chicks, who want nothing but a quick shot at fame and someone else’s hard earned money. Sisters with degrees and corporate swag are placed on hold for gold diggers, and now most of us are wondering if maybe we’ve gotten it all wrong, and perhaps the groupies are on to some ingenious strategy that we have bypassed because our mothers taught us better. But as the old saying goes, everything that glitters isn’t gold, and everything hanging on the arm of a professional athlete on the red carpet isn’t love.

I’m not the type to date a professional athlete, but there have been many moments in conversation where the question comes up, and as usual, a debate is sure to follow. Everyone has their own theory of why a professional athlete would diss a go-getter for a gold-digger, while the answer is apparent to some, it’s a perplexing one to others.

It may seem like 2010 is the year of gold diggin’ and home wreckin’, but it’s important for every real woman to understand the dynamics of the groupie lifestyle. These women may be gorgeous, but they aren’t much more than pretty faces and purchased ass-ets.

They’re way easier than you and I, and every professional athlete and rapper knows that. They want the money, expensive things, and high profile life; but love isn’t required. And for a man who spends the majority of his life on the road, what’s the easiest option? A real woman who requires respect, love, and a real relationship; or a woman that can be bought and hushed with designer bags and shopping sprees?

It’s just easier to go with the groupie chick who wants nothing more than nice clothes and VIP access to celebrity parties. These women come with hefty price tags, but they still lack hefty requirements. They may seem like they are high maintenance, but they don’t really require much upkeep. And perhaps that is why they are so much more easier to replace, they are all money hungry duplicates, and rely on the same formula to get the ultimate come-up.

And to a professional athlete or platinum selling rapper, it’s just easier to have the arm candy that can be silenced by fat bank accounts, than the woman who has a good head on her shoulders, and needs more than materialistic offerings. She’s not going to deal with the foolishness and requires more. But the groupie, keep her laced in designer duds, and she’ll go along with just about anything. Ever wondered how some women sit back and allow their men to make some of the dumbest decisions ever?

It’s simple: she came with a price tag he could afford. She’ll gladly keep her mouth closed now, as long as she gets the Gucci bag later.

In the end, her value is only temporary. But a real woman’s is long standing.

That groupie has a place and she’s only fun for a little while. It isn’t necessarily hot on the street to marry Flavor of Love Rejects or Kim Kardashian proteges. Like barbie dolls, they will be worn out, broken, and devalued; and then placed back on the shelf with the others.

When it’s time to settle down, she’ll be asked to pack up her Gucci and find a new sponsor.

And then women with their own money, smarts, dignity and class begin to appeal so much more. Wouldn’t you rather be a permanent type of sister verses an “in the meantime” gold digging hoochie? I thought so.

In essence, it’s no need to be jealous of any female that can be purchased when you require so much more. No matter how many designer clothes she receives, she’ll never be on your level. To envy her is to lose yourself. Know your worth while she allows someone else to purchase hers.

Besides, rappers and professional athletes aren’t necessarily better than the lesser known successful black men. Sure they might have more in their bank account, but I’d rather have a hard working brother who doesn’t feel the need to entertain groupies or waste time with chicks who rather have Louis Vuitton verses commitment. And if you’re a good black woman who knows her worth, you know you aren’t missing out on much. Let fools be fools. Get yourself some good lovin’ at the hands of a man that appreciates the fact that you can’t be bought, and let the little boys waste their hard earned money on females who value Prada and Gucci over their vaginas.

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you can’t be bought, but instead require work? There’s nothing more fabulous than a woman who values herself.


  1. Preach! They can have each other, thats how I see it. I think a man's need for groupies says a lot about that man. What self respecting man would want a woman that's been run through

  2. I’m not black, but I loved this. I’m the “boring Good Girl” and I can’t stand trashy groupies or the trashy men who use them…actually I also feel bad for them. So refreshing to hear from someone who feels the same way about it. Be proud of your classiness and your education! Your mother raised you to be a lady with an independent source of income, and you’ll find a gentleman who was raised by HIS mother to look for that kind of lady.

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